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I got a graphics card upgrade, and I can now run this game, and I sure am glad I can! The game was amazing. The artstyle and environment are endearing, and the music is haunting and beautiful. My only gripe is that it ended a bit short.

A low graphics setting would be nice. I have a GTX 745 and the game runs incredibly choppily.

Stuck where I have to double-click to edit.

Thanks for the reply! I look forward to this next update.

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Good: a great and original concept, simple and innocent in design but complex to play and master. The graphics are simplistic, so people with poorer GPU's(me) can run it.

Bad: The controls are a bit iffy. Sometimes you can move freely on your base plate, sometimes you can't and there's not much indication for when you'll be able to move. Collision is also off, the mouse icon will highlight, signifying I can attach there, but I click and then suddenly the collision detection goes away. 

A great idea and will make for amazing YouTuber/streamer-bait in its current state, but I think some slight refining to the controls would make the game 10 times more enjoyable to play. I will be keeping an eye on this game, it has potential!

Oh and one last thing: anyone else having SteamVR open whenever you launch the game? Is that just me? Very strange.

Great game! I feel bad for the numen... he clearly felt bad for whatever happened. Wish I could've used the odd starseeds to save him or something. Great game! Liked the atmosphere.

Strange, though, was controller support intended? I noticed I could use one to move and jump, but not to open the inventory or interact.

what the darn was that last day

i like this

The atmosphere in this game is beautiful, which made playing this game quite a treat even though I suck at it.

Can you make a version for GIMP?