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Screen opens too large for my screen and I can't move it to adjust.

Absolutely delighted to see an update.

Trying out Android and I think I triggered a bug by not resting in a tent on day 1. On day 3 I slept in a tent and got dialogue for the first day. Then I ran into issues everywhere. Dialogue with the barkeep looping, and seemingly nothing changing from day 4 forwards. No new dialogue anywhere. Exhausted all dialogue with all characters. Did every quest but mistmoss (can't find it at all. Checked everywhere there's water.)

Forced into the bad end as a result.

What was you interest or inspiration for Argos and allowing Sadistic content in the game in general?

Oh! I would adore more rings/jewelry to put on his horns! On top of being able to change them out for different styles AND having multiple rings on at once.

1. Skull Necklace, Heavy Chain Collar, Contacts, Devil Horns, Fangs

2. Definitely Sadism. Though I would have preferred to point out the loophole he made, and still had the option to send Aster out and have essentially the same scene, to build trust with Argos.

3. I would really enjoy an option to tell Asterion that I am Sadistic, but still kind and prefer to have a tight leash on him AND Argos. Keeping his pain within reason, preferably consensual. Maybe even in a romantic measure. Though I'll admit as a player I do care slightly more about making Argos happy than Asterion. But that's not to say I don't like him in the slightest!