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I redownloaded the game and reinstalled it but it always crashes at the loading screen after character selection. Pls help.

I have had this same issue with every version. The game loads just fine but crashes every single time during the loading screen after choosing the character.

Can someone help me find Gabi Root?

There appears to be an issue with Gumroads image pack 11. It's only showing the cover image u have for it. Nothing else.

I'm curious if this is SFW or NSFW. Or if it will become it in the future.

Did this game go on hiatus?

The changelog says that it's possible to unlock the human "dong" scene but i'm having trouble with it. Any hints you could give if at all possible?

P.S I think this game looks amazing so far so keep up the great work and know I check daily for updates just in case a new one drops.

I've played that one too. I like both games.

Do we know when the next update will be? It's been awhile and i'm itching to play! :)

I really enjoyed Harold's last day, the only thing that kind of blipped on my radar me was the build-up to a three-way with Richard. Is that possible or was it just a tease? 

Do you know when the next Demo is coming out?

When you go to the bull's village at night I believe you have around a 35 to 50% chance that there will be a bull laying on the ground but you have to have at least 5 corruption.

It is most likely the scene the high endurance scene. Your endurance stat I believe needs to be at or above 5.  I just started a new save and put a lot of my stat points into endurance then went back to my original save. This is also a winning scene so you have to make sure that when you face a bull to max his lust.

By having sex with the monsters you fight.

I accepted the acolyte quest, so should i keep exploring the swamp normally until I come across the dark swamp?

I know im a bit behind but how do I find the witch?

I am so ready for the full release. Do you know when you might release it?

Wow! I'm loving this so far but i'm curious if there is going to be 18+ content? With the story so far I wouldn't mind if not.

Are you suppose to die at the end of this last build or did I royally screw myself?