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Wonderful short and sweet experience. Love the music and wholesome feelings. 

Cute little game. Would really enjoy some noise or music to go with it.

Very unique and fun experience. Enjoyable reflection. 

Short & Sweet. Nice job :D

Really enjoyed it. Best of luck with all of your developing endeavors. KUBUKI BARRAGE!!! :D 
Here's my gameplay footage of it. 

I've yet to finish the playthrough yet (weekdays are busy for me ><), but she seems like a fine character. The characters feel pretty diverse in personallity which is great. I'd say honestly I'm must keen and curious regarding Beatrice from what I've seen. 

This is pretty great. Loving the combat system and concept. Looking forward to seeing what the bigger universe in Cupid Simulator has to offer.

Some initial gameplay 

Fun little platformer. Like Marxy 37, the mechanic of collecting orbs to jump higher surprised me a bit.  I thought it would have gotten harder as more was collected. I didn't find this mechanic bad, just different.  The movement feels a bit slippery but overall I think the mechanic of the jumping and movements feels fair. The music was pretty solid.

I think my only minor gripes were the blaring bright holes out of nowhere (if I was playing this at night I probably would have had to turn on the lights haha) and a the minor getting stuck on wall moments. Using a different sprite for jumps could add charm to the movement as well. 

Fun procedural generation. It gets a bit tight at times and hard to tell what's a safe squeeze through and what's not; but I feel that challenge adds to it's charm. 

Looks like a cute universe being built here. The otherworld beings describing humans in an intersting concept and it's amusing. Audio & Visuals mix well and are fit for a relaxing read.

I can't say I was a huge fan of the square block heads, but I can see the amusing appeal in it. Best of luck with the bigger projects. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out. 

Cute & fun game. Good job :D
Here's a short video of my gameplay.