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Hey. I am having a problem where I can't see the menu for screen resolutions. There are buttons but no text. Is this something on my end?

Tropicali community · Created a new topic Mac Version Lag

Is there any way to help with the lag in scenes that happens on Mac or no?

Wait. So if I already paid for it, there will be $5 more I need to pay?

Any chance you got a clue how to run it? I'm lost.

God damn I wish I could play this on my Mac

I wish I could play it, but I am stuck on Mac and all emulator run rather poorly on it.

Also the point of it being on a game platform is that it is purchased. No more money needed. Patreon is for extra support if you want to help out, but the game page should be for the final purchase. It isn't fair to the consumer to not get what they paid for.

I'm with ya, homes. This isn't how purchasing a game works.

Any chance it will be coming to Mac?


What is the difference between the demo and the paid version?

Hi there! I was wondering if any of your other games would eventually be ported to Mac?

How would I get access to beyond Act V? When pulling up the screen for purchase, the only version is Android version.

I'm too poor to subscribe to another monthly thing. I wish I could just buy it outright once and then have it forever.

I would love to buy it, but I don't have a paypal. I'm really sorry. I know the platform is attacking adult content for no reason again.

What is the difference between the Mac Demo and full game, if any?

Hi. I bought the game while it was on sale a while back. Is there eventually going to be an update to the amount I paid or do I need to buy it at the new price?

Yoooo, I was not expecting Gianni Matragano!

Is there any one for the mac that doesn't require payment?

I do not know. I am so sorry.

Kinky Fridays has managed to successfully port their game Wet Nightmares. I would say you could try to reach out to them for advice.

Any chance it will come to mac as well?

The Mac version is operational, but lags incredibly bad.

As soon as I step out for the first battle, it lags so hard I can interact with anything.

The mac port runs very badly. Is this something on my end or is this the nature of the port?

I see that there is lesbian sex, but is there any gay sex options?

Thanks, homie!

The Mac version doesn't to be able to be opened.

Any chance the game will come to Mac?

On Mac, it just says that the file is corrupted. Have tried downloading it multiple time. Something is up.

Yeah, that's fair. I did do patreon and cancelled the pledge, I just wish there was a way to buy it and maybe get it a version or two back from patreons. Keep up the great work. Seriously wonderful stuff.

Hey. The Mac version says it has 0 bytes. Something up?

I really do wish I could just buy this game outright.

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Is the browser version not working for anyone else? I can't get the start menu to even start; all I get is a black screen and, what sounds to be, circus music.

The file size says it is 1 kB, and I know that can't be right.

I really wish I could play the game on my Mac.

I would say some gay content would do nicely. Genshin has some cute boys and it would be insane not to capitalize on that.

I feel like the game could use some gay options. Genshin has got some cute boys, and it would be a shame not to take advantage of that.

Dead game?

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My only real complaint comes from Night 6. I know it's difficult on purpose, but I feel like the characters just teleport from one side of the map to the other rather than having to go to certain rooms first. I feel like the way the one looks around the control room should be quicker, as using  a trackpad makes reactivity more changing that using a mouse.