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When can I play the new update if I bought it at a discount a while back for $5?

I would happily get this if it were available on Mac.

Is there a demo I can try out first?

Hey. I wondering if anyone has gotten the game working on Mac through Wine.

I second this question.

Hey there. Are there any plans on getting this to work on Mac?

I think you misspelled cute in the 3rd paragraph. It says she is a cult.

Is there any chance the game will be made available on Mac?

Hello there. I was wondering if the game could eventually be made available on Mac?

Sorry I missed that

Hey, I was wondering if this game was abandoned as there haven't been many updates on this page.

Ok. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't about to download something illegal. Thank you very much!

Hey it says teenage. What are the ages of the characters, if I may ask?

The  Mac version isn't working.

I sure would like to buy this if it were available on Mac

Thanks for the update. Have a great day.

I would really love if I could play this on Mac.

Hey I bought this game when it was on sale for 50% off. And now I can't access the most recent versions of the games. Any chance I can get that ironed out?

Any chance there will be a Mac release?

The game is tagged as Mac, but the game is only available on Windows and Android. Any chance that can be ironed out?

I would also like an macOS as well!

I would like 8 with 10's tan line. I bought the game outright.

Can I pay for the game with USD?

I was wondering if the game would come to any other systems.

I was wondering if the game would be coming to any other platforms. I am sadly a Mac user and can't buy the product as is.

My god, if only it were available for Mac.

Any chance there will be a Mac version on Patreon?

Zombie's Retreat 2 community · Created a new topic Mac?

Any chance this will be able to be played on Mac?

I was wondering if there was a demo and if so, where I could find it?


IslanDeity 0.089a community · Created a new topic Platforms

Since it just says public zip, I was wondering which platforms this could be played on.

What platforms is this on?

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Why is the mac download listed as a linux download?

The current download isn't working, it says the file is 0 bytes.

Any chance we could buy the other versions without going to Patreon?

Any chance we can get Darkness from Konosuba?

Go with hereditary feudalism, not might is right.


Any chance there will be a mac port?

Does the animation improve as the game goes on?