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In a weird way I did like this game. The art reminded me of 90's shooters so that was awesome.  Exploding skeletons, awesome. I'm glad you added a skeleton noise in or I wouldn't have been able to find the last few on a level.

It might help if you put some signs or graphics up on the walls so I didn't keep back tracking by accident.  The other would be to make your run mode way faster. It was more like walk and brisk walk. 

The gameplay kind of confused me, but the end was legit. 

I like your concept. 

A few notes. I wish my guy moved a little faster. I felt slow compared to my running animation, and it made my exploring drag a little bit. Also, maybe make a few landmarks so I know if I've been somewhere.  It took me a few minutes to realize this was the hedge maze from the movie. Maybe adding a snow effect would help. 

Good start. 

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Your lighting and level design rules. I like your lil' baddies too. 

I had a lot of trouble on the platforming parts though. I kept falling before I jumped. Kind of like Turok did back in the N64 days. Maybe extend your collider a little bit or something. 

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The room spun in place until it stopped, then you can walk through the walls. Kind of confusing as to whats going on.

Neat spin effect though.