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Have you tried cleaning the messes you see throughout the pizzeria? You can clean them with brooms from the vending machine to discover useful tools. Also, play the arcade games! The tickets are helpful.

Bought the game about 24 hours ago; am 2 plaques away from beating it (unless I find more surprises). Take that as a way of saying this is one of the most immersive, coming-back-for-more indie RPGs I have played in awhile. I just can't put it down. A creepy story is paired well with appealing art/music and unique characters. The game-play is a fun mix of battling, a mini-game, and detective work that keeps me on my computer. I'm so happy I decided to purchase this after seeing a let's play.

The shortness of the game leaves some story elements under-developed, but there are satisfying conclusions for a game of this length. I look forward to more from this developer, and potential expansions of this game/idea/theme.