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wait how to get the last ending :<, i was trying to get it but still can't

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This is acutally a really great and potential game, so here is a list of things I would like to see on the next update:

- Custom sensitivity: Players can customize their mouse sensitivity (I got used to low sensitivity lol)

- Custom bindings: Same as above, I'm used to using Mouse-wheel to jump, but the game force me to use Space.

- Custom crosshair?: You know what I mean right?

- Low/High graphics option: My computer can run it smoothly but my laptop can't, I think you should add this to the game becasue there might be some players with potato computers but still want to play the game.

- "Back to Main Menu" and "Settings" button: During the game, when I press Esc I only see "Return" and "Quit", so that means I have to exit the game and launch it again in order to change the settings of the game.

- Better UI?: I think the font and the UI seem a little bit disappointing if compared to the gameplay and the graphics. The font you are currently using for your game is kinda like a modern, business-ish font, so I would suggest using a cute handwritting font or a sans font. And the button UI looks like some low-effort rectangles and circles created using MS Paint (please don't take this too seriously :>)

- Multiplayer?: idk, maybe :)

- Reloading: I don't know if you were intended to put infinite ammo in your game or not, but I think there should be some "reloading" in the game tho.

- Death transition thingy: When the player dies, there should be some transitioning (blacked out, whited out, red screen, bla bla bla) rather than a roughly respawn animation.

- More weapons: Everyone wants more weapons, duh

- Stuck spots: The only map in the game has some stuck spots, you should fix those :>

- More maps: As I mentioned, "The only map in the game".

Those are just my opinion, sorry for the wall-of-text and bad english, really looking foward to see what the next updates will have :>

Edit: Actually the font isn't that bad tbh.