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Question for actually hitting in combat is it the player rolling and hitting the Armor DC equivalent or am I missing something?

OK thank you!

What game is this for?

Ah OK thank you!

Was the deck specifically made for this game or was it a collab?

The Sefirot deck kinda confused me?

Is this from a book or a webcomic?

OK thank you.

Some of it yes but I get the feeling some things are missing.

The font contains a "bad bbox" apparently.

Um not an issue if they're printed out but the pdf's are upside down?

OK thank you!

So, Shadow Under Bough, The Twins Kid Type, and The River Kingdom are for this month? Will this content be buy-able eventually?

OK thank you!

Is Wildsea FITD based?

OK thank you!

Is CM a FITD hack too or is it its own thing?

OK ty!

Is this a solo-journaling game?

So I don't need to worry about the current debacle when it comes to this game?

Is this 5e OGL?

I will DM you on Twitter then thank you for answering!

Hello, World community · Created a new topic VTT

Any plans for a Roll20 or Foundry module?

It's not playing on Spotify. Oh well. Ty anyway!

Yeah so I was trying to listen to 80 Dice playtest but it wasn't working do you have any other examples?

Ah OK thank you! Sorry was puzzled when the charge didn't go through right away.

Um do we get charged once it reaches 100%?

OK thank you!

The game is finished with all the KS stuff and is for sale now?

Nevermind found it.

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Carta? What is that?

Thank you!

What is Lumen exactly?

Ah OK thank you um one of the pdf's won't open right when I downloaded it.

Aren'r these included with the main game?