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Is... Is there an ending to this game, because, try as I might, I can't seem to progress past the loop

Is it just trial and error?

I just finished this game, but... how do I get to the bonus room?

I got the True Ending and password but... I'm not sure how to get there?

Oh this looks a lot like WATGBS

I can't seem to get past Chapter 3. More specifically, the part where you have to shoot a moving target. It's downright infuriating having to see my shots miss when it clearly hit the target. 

I can't get past the clock puzzle....

...When did I say this?

My opinion on Joyce has changed immediately and now she's made me realize how much of a lesbian I am. It changed positively, and it was so sudden that I had to pause for a moment to realize I loved an AI in a visual novel.

I don't know what I expected from Part 2 before, but it certainly wasn't this. Still really happy about the full release even now.



I'm doing it on Easy and I'm still not able to beat her.

Finally, a full release.

I can't answer this question.

I can't seem to beat that one boss with her Steelfall attack. It always hit me.

Yo, I can't escape Nil.

She haunted my files just because I said no.


Are you able to change the name in game? Somehow the prompts make it seem like I can.

Well, I just guessed each time, so I got it all in about 5 hours.

Good game, though.

Is there an ending guide to this game?  I hate having to keep guessing.

It's really good! I'm surprised I actually cared about Joyce, and I first thought she was going to be like those 'cat girls' in other horrible visual  novels I've seen people play. Although, I jumped in really fast, I didn't see that only Part 1 has been completed. Looking forward to Part 2.

It's great and all, but I can't make it through the maze.

I have never screamed any louder than I have at Baldi chasing me.

Sorry,but the the woman,that being the Informant of the game hasn't...well,there's no exit  yet so that's a normal problem 

It's a good game so far. But I can't tell what I'm supposed to do most of the time.

It's time.