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guess it's possible lol.

Why do I have a feeling that was an intended pun? Y'know, the predominant purpose being to projectile the newspapers to the npcs.

You're practically my inspiration for game development, construct engine centered. Just here to write a comment of gratitude, nice game Vim!!

You can also notice how every step stays well aligned with the layouts invisible grid.

Decided to check around YouTube a bit and I've seen some other gameplay videos including some of the other characters. I guess I just wasn't affirmative and haven't been keeping up with the devlog?

Woo hoo! It has finally arrived. Very excited to hit that download button and try out the yellow edition. Any future information about all of the other editions will be delivered at their own time I assume?

This is pretty sweet! I've used this excuse multiple times already, but I am fairly new to construct. So with that being engrained even the non-predominant aspects of the game motivate me. Nice job with this pack vim!

This game is phenomenal, honestly when these types of game get put out my inspiration level rises exponentially. I'm fairly new to itch (and game development ig) and I find this very impressive for a construct game. Awesome work Rice!!!