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A member registered Jul 30, 2018

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could it be translated to english?

wait, why last?

how unfortunate... sorry about him passing away...

is that your art style? if so, I really enjoy it!

aww ok then, well, actually, could you maybe make this available on gamejolt?

can't seem to do that

when I try to start a new game, it closes, is there something I'm missing?

just won't, maybe it's too big or something?

it wouldn't install...

omg the feels!

rage quitted

oh thank the game, not me XD

you updated it but that didn't fix the issue unfortunately

I can't seem to move aiden around...

uh... this game is really good but I wish there was a jump feature... why? I got stuck on a tree! XD

ok, I will try again then! thank you :)

I can't progress in the game because in the cave it keeps saying failed to load fade2 or something like that...

I love flying :D

the accuracy while fighting is horrible, I just kept missing, could you fix it please? 

damn you germany!

I seriously hope it gets more development someday in the future! a lot of spirit and work was put into it! it would also fill me with joy ( the pun was intended )

yes! :)

such a bittersweet game...

This game needs a lot of work... the art style in the comic played at the beginning was amazing but the game had a lot wrong with it, the textures and fur didnt look so good and the way oliver was running and walking looked wrong, the camera angles were weird at times