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Really good game, there were a lot of head-scratchers!

this was crazy, playing the dream speedrun music really added to the game feel

Fun game with a cool concept! The wall sticking was a little bit annoying sometimes, but I loved the rest (especially the music)!

Super cool game! Really would love too see more levels where you get to kick down doors into enemies, feels super satisfying!

Update! We're working a spiritual successor!
Link to the update post!

Not at all! Go right ahead :)

Thanks man! Not currently planning on making a longer game with these characters, but yeah the portraits (and a lot of the visual elements) are super inspired by Persona.

Damn that's pretty epic, I think I've heard people describe this feeling as a "nut moment"

Good game.

There's only one ending in the game

Looks like you got all of the upgrades, nice job on the run!

Just found this and I gotta say that woah, this is awesome!

Sadly I don't have access to a mac, so I wouldn't be able to test it!

It was made in Unity!

Thanks for the feedback! Yes, I do plan on keeping it to 2 party members, since I feel like more party members could make dodging a bit overwhelming. By the way, the dodges are supposed to give you invincibility basically frame 1, so I have no idea why there was a delay for you. I'm gonna have to look into that, because I definitely agree with the "short startup and long recovery" idea.

Thanks for the feedback! This is really, REALLY helpful!

Probably not sadly, since I don't have a mac to test the game with... Sorry about that!

Sure thing. Go ahead!

Thanks! Appreciate the feedback :)

Sorry for the super late response! I didn't make the game with a PS4 controller in mind (didn't have one while I made the game) so I assume that is what is causing the issues... I'll definitely keep this in mind for my next project!

Thank you! I’m not planning on continuing Adiasis, but I just started working on another game with similar mechanics. The engine I used was Unity, by the way.

Yes. Yes it is :)

I just uploaded the music to my YouTube channel, you should be able to get to it by clicking on the trailer.

Thanks, it means a lot!

Hmm, that's weird. It definitely wasn't intended, at least. I'm definitely gonna have to keep those inconsistencies in mind for any future game I make. Thank you for the critique!

Thank you for the kind words! I currently have no plans to turn this into a full game/make a sequel, but I do plan on using what I've learned from the creation of this game to eventually make a (hopefully) better game with similar mechanics.

It was a JoJo reference, glad that someone got it!

It makes me very glad to hear that. Thank you!

Thank you! I was super happy to see you speedrun one of my games yet again, even though it was an RPG.

The part where DIO took a spirit photo was amazing

I'm really glad that you enjoyed my game! I never imagined that anyone would care about my game enough to actually attempt speedrunning it. I just released a small update that hopefully fixed the problems you had with the game.