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Yes there is an ending, you have to fill up four green bars at the top of the screen.

Shining your light at him to where he twitches or hides decreases your noise level quicker. (The only way to actually have a chance at beating the game.)

Thank you! It means a lot to have people play and enjoy what I create!

I'll keep things like simple cutscene tutorials in mind, and I'll also work on making audio louder/quieter if they need be in any projects moving forward. I'm currently working on two BIG projects at the moment using RPG Maker however things I've learned from this are sure to help!

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I completey agree, there was a lot of content I did cut out and a lot of things I tried just didn't work. For example the "mother" character was originally naked and her death was more graphic but I felt that a line had to be drawn somewhere and overall it didn't really add to the story.

In regards to movement controls, I have no clue how to fix them, I'm still trying to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it. The screen transitions just look so ugly in the final game.

I also noticed in your video that you did miss a few things, such as another newspaper. (The character selection menu is also home to a few secrets.)

I am currently planning another horror project. (It won't be anything like this.) This was really mostly a practice game for me and I did indeed learn A LOT.

I appreciate the criticism and will keep these points in mind going forward with any future project, I hope many people get to enjoy them a lot more in the future.