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Not possible with this game, has too many assets and is too intensive to run in browser

oh my god the dong adds so much

unfortunately not, sorry. Best to just make the upper arms a bit shorter or include some of the mitt on the upper arm layer

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This game was extremely enjoyable the whole way through, it had some novel puzzle elements with a single consistent mechanic, and the puzzles were pretty well thought through. Level 7 especially had an enjoyable solution. You complained multiple times that it was buggy and things like that, but 1. This game was a jam game, they're always buggy due to the short turnaround time, and 2. I actually found no bugs whatsoever. I particularly enjoyed the Salshield especially. In general you did a great job of easing the player into puzzle elements before utilizing. All I could ask for is more game, which is about the best complaint you can get.

The art style was extremely cute and consistent, and did not feel generic whatsoever, the hand drawn colored pencil aesthetic and unique body-like levels were a fun element.

The music did get a little grating after a while, but given I was able to turn it off, it was nothing much to complain about. The sounds otherwise were good, some satisfying clicks and gurgles.

Overall, I'd just say you should be a lil more sure of yourself, I know it may feel like it's bad or whatnot to you, since you've spent so long working on it and fretting over every design element, but truly the game was fun, well put together, adorable, and did not feel uninspired to me at all!

There used to be, but it hasn't be maintained, sorry to say.

Probably not. It's very buggy.

yes I did. Again, Joiplay is not compatible with this game.

Hello, Joiplay only works for RPG Maker, Ren'Py, and TyranoBuilder-based games, this game is none of those, as such, it will not work. It's not designed to work on android due to both controls and performance, as such, it won't be published on the platform. Apologies.

not sure. I've been busy with other projects


they do not, they are just cosmetic

planned, however, if it helps for now, left click also crouches

There is not. And the max capacity is just that you do fill up faster, ie takes less gold to slow you down and you make more noise from it. The folder name is purely coincidence

The game is not, and cannot be updated until the Judging period for the Gain Jam concludes. I did however post a 'devlog' asking what people wanted to see added to the game, which Itch counted as an update to the game

unfortunately no, I was a bit strapped for time

Fixed! Thanks for letting me know!

The wild cards are only there because they have to be present in the game to get points for it in the Gain Jam judging, as far as I understand it. As for the cutscenes, 2 of them are for the good score, 1 is the 'bad end' in the castle, and one is just the intro. 

Glad you enjoyed it, apologies for the hiccups, this one sort of ended up as a mad dash to get it playable by the finish line, haha

Not sure what you know you mean? It should work. Could you let me know in what way it's not working?

Any skins based on copyrighted properties had to be removed on Steam. Many of them have opted to upload them as skin mods on the workshop, though

Question. In the 2nd level, are you intended to have to noclip or glitch the game via jumping through a roof that doesn't have collision in order to get the paper crane, or is there an actual intended solution otherwise?

I still plan on doing more, but development has basically been halted until I finish school in March, it's been too much to do all at once.

The steam version is a bit farther along than the Itch one (you get a steam code for buying on itch), there's a level editor, mod skins, workshop support, and you can swap out NPCs with those of your choice. There's some polishing in the paid version as well.

It will be, I just need to take the time to remove some things (the workshop stuff) and make a build

They can, yes. But it can be disabled.

Unfortunately no, it uses far too much RAM, storage space, and requires a GPU, so it cannot run in a browser

You can still play the old version you have downloaded, but for any updates, you'll need to buy it

Just the ones in the skin pack, and I think one singular one, and you can install the skin pack on the steam version too via mod

Yep! I'm planning on at least 7 more, and then I also want to implement a level editor as well

It's actually included with the game files! If you go to the properties (on the right) and then go to game files, it'll take you right there! It's in the Data folder

Unfortunately no, I've moved to a paid model, though if you do get it now, you'll get updates forever

It does, though more improvements and bugfixes have been applied that make downloading the new version worth it.

Yep! Working on it now, actually

About 200 publicly available ones. It's hard to post who they all are!

There will be, once the issues with the PC version are ironed out

1) Have you downloaded any of the updated versions, or are you still on the 0.999 Beta
2) Yes! More news will come on this later

At the moment, there is no android version. There is one planned for the future, but requires significant optimization on my end.

Really like the idea of this, never had issues juggling the two.... but I did suck at the shooter part. Very charming game with great feel, visuals, looks quite professional!

The reason it's limited is because it causes instabilities. The larger you get, the larger the forces are, and with the walls, it gets.... laggy. Too big and it crashes not only the game but your computer. I chose the max size per-level based on how large you could get without this happening.

I also made the last level the way it is for a reason, for all you size demons who want to just fill up the entire screen.

In terms of altering these values after the fact, there's probably a way to do it, but would require hex editing or Melon Loader, both of which I have 0 experience with

It's coming, I promise, I've just been ridiculously busy with school of late, and the mobile version requires a lot more work than just selecting a drop down, cause it requires a lot of optimizations. But it will be the first thing I work on when I finish up school in a few weeks

They're purchasable in the store!