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Thanks for your review :)

Thanks for the solution. I will try that.

Hi there!

I think there is a bug in the new version. I found it in the fire particle demo. It looks like the particle is reborn when it is about to die.

It looks it happens only when you load a particle from the examples, but it doesn't happen if you create a new particle system.

Fire particle in v1.1.3

Fire particles in v1.1.2

Very good game with nice graphics and good design. This game brings back memories of my childhood when I used to play with my Gameboy. Good Work!

It's simple and fun. I like how you decide the difficulty affecting to the final score.

Very nice animations and graphics. I couldn't read the texts, I think the font is missing.

I missed some texts or tutorials telling what to do but I manage to meet the big beetle. Then I died :(

Really hard to master but very fun game. Controller support would be a good addition.

Good work!

Thanks for your commentaries ;)

Cool! I'm glad you liked it ;)

I am working now in a HD version of Aliens!!!, the game made for the GB Jam.

I hope you like it too when it's finished.

Yes, I have plans to keep it updated with new content.

Hi there! All the sprites were taken from free resource libraries. They may look similar, but they were not taken from RPG Maker resources.

You can find all the resources I've used here: