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lambda gamer

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I suck at this game but boy was it fun

The saddest is while nade but I started  crying

that little girl was so creepy!!!I really really enjoyed this game!!! Ty such for creating this game. Hugs!

oh my god!!! This is was a great game!!! 

My Dad said that this game can be based on a song... I don't if that is true but I wish it was a little longer. I loved this game!!! Ty

so fun! It reminded me of papers please!!! Great game. Thank you 

Love it!!! Is there anyway to solve the witch's puzzle?

I hope there is more to the story!!!!

I loved this game!!! Thank you so so much for making this game. 10 out of 10!

Thank you so much for making this game!!! It was so good!

Great Game!!! thank you so much

Please tell me this game is come out soon!!!! Demo was so good!!! I am loving the game!!!

cute game!!! loved it!!! keep up the hard work

I failed!!! loved it though

grandpa got laid.... I think lol

loved this game!!! Thank you for creating this game.

Thank you for making this!!!! You are amazing!!!

i did..... spooky! Is there a way up the stairs btw?

I could only find 1 ending... still looking for the others lol.

Love this game!!!

creepy!!! Love the game 

loved this game... warning: volume loud (editing error) lol

after after getting my first ending I had to stop. I love this game!!!! But I will get the other endings soon.

I loved this game!!! It was cute, short, and quick!!!!

Best game ever

best game ever

Best game ever

this was so fun to play!!! Thank you!!! 

love this game and i am going to continue playing/ sharing. 10/10 love it

this game was fun... wish there was more levels to the game thou.

10/10 love it

This game is so scary lol. Love this game. I wish it was longer. 

Hear about this game by a friend... scary to me and I am sold

thank you so much for creating this I enjoyed my date with siren head!

I know I am late about knowing this game. Friend said play this now and I am ok... omg it was so scary

Love  this game! Cant wait to for more.