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Cool concept and art. 

I think the core gameplay is interesting enough to turn into a more complete game experience. But just as a stand-alone, it works. 

Sound and some music would go a long way to polish the experience as is. A narrative would be great to give context.

I wish being "too far away" didn't cause issues. It's not a huge deal because restarting is easy. But... it is a pretty silly way to "lose" the attempt.

If it was taken further: 

Basically, I wished for more control and variety in the gameplay.

I found I did a lot of trial and error, because I had little feel for whether a move would work or not when enemies were close.  Often I found myself wanting to be able to use positioning (i.e. getting behind an opponent) a lot and being disappointed that this didn't matter. I also found myself wishing for more elaborate moves. For instance: lining up 3 targets and being able to slice through all 3 in one dash attack, or ducking past an onrushing guard to bypass them. or quickly strike at two nearby targets in rapid and fluid motion, knocking one enemy into the others. If these moves were limited or required specific setups, that would be cool. Part of the game is using the aggro/follow to re-position the enemies further apart. This is just expanding that.

Environmental objects and physical barriers would be nice as well. Interactive elements like sand, water, boxes, etc. Things the player could use advantageously, etc.  Tons of room to do more. 

But it looks awesome. And feels pretty nice to play!