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25 days left omg this is like waiting for a baby to come out ♡♡

WHOAAA THAT LOOKS SO GOODD!! How did you do the inside frosting if you dont mind me asking?

Hii, sorry if this a stupid question but is the main game completed? I want to buy it but I don't know of its episodic/ still in development!

Does anyone know the specific time its coming out tomorrow? Im so excited for my new husband🥹🥹🥹

This game is dropped so we wont be getting any updates !

 Congratulations, You look beautiful !!  I wish you both a happy and long marriage!

Hey Hey, any updates?

Thank you for the response:) I just found it a bit weird how their making new games already ((2 new ones )) but this one still isn't finished

Any release date ?

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Hey Hey!As another non cis person, the MC's pronouns are customizable so there isn't truly a "correct pronoun"
,She/Her, He/Him also works as well! It's "their" mc so they wouldn't really need to use "your"  MC pronouns ! ((I'm assuming that your MC uses the They/Them pronoun but I may be wrong ^^))

((Ex.My MC pronouns are he/him,I wouldn't go to someone and just tell them that the "correct" pronouns would be he/him ))


There’s no set date but IM assuming somewhere near Aug-Dec of this year ^^ You can join the discord and follow them on Twitter to see updates :)) 

Can you choose to top or bottom with any characters or only certain characters ? 

Will this game also have Chibi sex scenes? 😭 I wasn’t really a fan of it last game 

Is there no demo?

Sob,,,how to get other endings other then(spoiler)    Noel's Yandere ending and Kana's death ending,,, I keep trying different choices but keep on getting them.

Besides my struggle, the game is pretty good! I love the art and the BG's, they are so beautiful! I would die for Kana,,sob