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I have been playing this game for 21 years as of January 13th and I'll keep playing til the devs die. Game is always changing and updating so as long as you take a break from time to time you always come back to plenty of content to entertain you.

Lots of PvE missions, multiplayer PvE events, several pvp events throughout the week.

Works on NTSC and is quite fun, the light cycle taking 3 vertical squares is a bit daunting but otherwise quite enjoyable. Looking forward to the finished version


Ok, you and I are enemies now until the bug is fixed *shakes fist* I’ll also donate when it is fixed.

Game appears to freeze as soon as the Dr throws a pill but the viruses keep moving and the music keeps playing

This is a lot more fun than the original Zeta Wing, this feels like the Soul Force of Zeta Wing. Works great on my Kung Fu Flash/NTSC system

That's the spirit!

I play it with a KFF

Works on NTSC

thanks for making a vid, I made it to 420 once as my highest score

lol maybe the 2023 version next xmas will be more detailed as i flesh out some more skills

Works great on my NTSC C128 and C64, also the D64 worked great with my Kung Fu Flash


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Love the easyflash ver for load times. 969K cart...damn! I see you fixed a bug with crt saving recently in the tracker so waiting for the next release. Great work!

NTSC + SD2IEC, great game however it seems if I watch the entire intro the game hangs up. If I skip the intro it continues into the game fine.

Works great on my NTSC breadbin. Also works with my Kung FU Flash

Works great on my NTSC C128 with Kung Fu Flash

Looks fun, NTSC?

NTSC Kung Fu Flash 1.26 that I just got from tfw8bit works perfectly with this game on my NTSC breadbin

I was thinking to myself recently "wouldn't it be nice if there was a 90's style 2 player puzzle game like Dr Mario or something on C64" and here you are with this and it is excellent! Works great on my NTSC HW

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Just ran it on my 84' NTSC breadbin with SD2IEC & fastload reloaded cart. Works great!

Runs beautifully on my NTSC Breadbin


!!! OMG this is incredible and such a surprise! Will this run on NTSC? 

Tried this last night on my 82' breadbin with a SD2IEC worked beautifully! Great game! Addictive!