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This is a game I'm seriously looking forward to. Glad to see you guys are still working on it

Thank you!

Hi. How do I get to Azkaban and where can I find Mad Eye Moody? Thank you

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What you said about the good ending: SPOILERS

That's what I felt at first, too, but then I thought the good ending was either the hint that the evil doctor was starting to become good;

or maybe the whole game with the loop and meta things wasn't real. Maybe the doctor put Taylor into a simulation, where, e. g., dream eaters are a metaphor for his own lost dreams, etc.

Maybe the real horror was the friends we made in therapy along the way

I'm not sure why though, but I thought of her the moment I saw this art

Lacie looks a lot like the Angels of Death protagonist,

This was actually great, and Pontianak was so tragically alluring - horrible and beautiful at the same time. I wish it were a full game. Indonesia is so fascinating
There are creatures similar to Pontianak in Slavic mythology - Vilas, Navkas and Drekavac

This is actually very relaxing, thank you so very much

Great news!

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God, I saw a gameplay video and it looked like Cuphead. Did you hand-animate the whole thing, too?!

UPD Just played through. It's nice but why on earth does any player like Parsnip, Jesus. 

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> 15615 Hollow Oak Lane, a FAMILIAR and comfortable showcase home

I see what you did there

Well, I guess it's a good thing they don't have kids. 

Everyone's comments here are making me... emotional.

I've just had a row with my father and mother, so that hits close to home. I picked the Popinsky stories, mostly because they're the safest bet, they remind one of their childhood and also because father has been known to like this kind of cozy, safe, slice-of-life stories. I almost went with The Golden Derelict, for obvious reasons, but declined. For myself, though, I'd definitely choose The Forensics Artist. 

I liked the Internet reviewers, they're like a whole subplot :-)

I would totally play a game like this, but the demo is way too short and uneventful to judge the future project. Music is nice, the concept is great, art is great - it's funny how both Tobias and Millicent disliked how the children's hospital looks, while the screenshot of it was the first thing to catch my eye on this page. The writing is also nice, although a bit... much at times ("undelight"? "peaceable"?) 
Overall, though, your game's page seems a bit abandoned, which is a pity - I wish this game does get made one of these days.

All right, I've seen this played by ManlyBadassHero and half-intended to play it myself, but I would literally never imagine it's by same guys who made Coffee Talk

What, what, it's finally out?! Finally, at least one good bit of news

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So, judging from Junoru's route, pinlin must really enjoy Black Butler? Xd

I do love this route in particular, it's very different from the others

Completed Sachiro's route so far. I have to say, I absolutely love your artstyle - there's a lot of anime artists out there, but your work stands out because it just looks so... luminous, gentle and alive.


Can't believe it! Looking forward!

An amazing game!

Something I didn't understand:

When I ended the demo, the screen said "free demo part 1 of 2". Is it because the second part is coming, or did I make the wrong choice somewhere and didn't get to see part 2?

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Great news

How is Clyde's Story doing, by the way? 

P. S. When I first played, I thought for some reason that Lewin's name is an Anna Karenina reference (one of the characters is named Levin, which is similar)

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Great, great! I'm loving this game. I kind of feel bad for everyone who's trying to make art or media, especially when it's in a language foreign to them. I may end up on the same path myself lol

UPD: so will this story incorporate the Decline plot? Or will it be just the direct sequel happening after the 'best' ending? 

Looked at the screenshots for a split second. Scrolled down to see if the game was Russian. Bingo)) 

Looking forward to playing it

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Alright, so this is a huge improvement over the last demo, which was already great. The English writing, which was really clunky before, is now amazing, more horror elements are introduced, more time is given to Heinrich's characterization...

This is simply great, and I am waiting for the full release!

I absolutely adore the demo, it had so much potential. But I respect your decision, and I'd rather have a good demo than a game released hastily and without heart

It feels like centuries since I've played the demo. I'm so hyped to see this you've no idea

Came here from John Wolfe, didn't regret.

I wonder who did the voice? Was it you or someone you knew? The voice and ambient music are simply great

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I really liked this game - it's kind of beautiful; the only thing is the music, especially the track that kept playing in the taxi, really didn't do it for me. It's very repetitive, loud, unsubtle and annoying, and since you spend a lot of time in the taxi, it is a problem.

Otherwise, lovely. Surprisingly, it took me a really short time to finish - just two loops, and it was done. Guess my experience in visual novels + philology degree must be paying off :-) 

In the very beginning, when you've just left the gate behind and came to the beginning of the railroad, it's possible to turn right and discover a small diversion in the path. It leads to a locked chest and an altar next to it. The altar requires you to write a five-letter word on it - what is it? I've tried putting in "hope" and "fear", but they didn't work and also were too short, probably.

Thank you!

You should totally release this game on Steam! 

By the way, if you need a Russian localization, I could help with that, I think. (I often see Russian reviews on Steam, where they complain about being required to read in English too much - they're basically playing through the game without understanding it. Crazy, but that's what it is.)

I have never translated VN's or other games before, but one has to start somewhere, I guess :-)

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*shudders* Queues are horrifying. 

No, but seriously, don't speak lightly of the queues. People who grew up during the Soviet Union would know what I'm talking about.

It's the most dystopian shit there is.

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This is so amazing!!!!!!! It was like being twelve and reading Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia all over again! 

Can't wait to play the entire game. I see a very bright future ahead of you

Alright, what is the one last thing? ))

Thanks, brb tomorrow

Probably not (my laptop is a dinosaur, I really need to replace it). You suggest I renew the drivers?

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