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Came here from John Wolfe, didn't regret.

I wonder who did the voice? Was it you or someone you knew? The voice and ambient music are simply great

There's no reason it would be free, I think - their other games are not

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I really liked this game - it's kind of beautiful; the only thing is the music, especially the track that kept playing in the taxi, really didn't do it for me. It's very repetitive, loud, unsubtle and annoying, and since you spend a lot of time in the taxi, it is a problem.

Otherwise, lovely. Surprisingly, it took me a really short time to finish - just two loops, and it was done. Guess my experience in visual novels + philology degree must be paying off :-) 

In the very beginning, when you've just left the gate behind and came to the beginning of the railroad, it's possible to turn right and discover a small diversion in the path. It leads to a locked chest and an altar next to it. The altar requires you to write a five-letter word on it - what is it? I've tried putting in "hope" and "fear", but they didn't work and also were too short, probably.

Thank you!

You should totally release this game on Steam! 

By the way, if you need a Russian localization, I could help with that, I think. (I often see Russian reviews on Steam, where they complain about being required to read in English too much - they're basically playing through the game without understanding it. Crazy, but that's what it is.)

I have never translated VN's or other games before, but one has to start somewhere, I guess :-)

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*shudders* Queues are horrifying. 

No, but seriously, don't speak lightly of the queues. People who grew up during the Soviet Union would know what I'm talking about.

It's the most dystopian shit there is.

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This is so amazing!!!!!!! It was like being twelve and reading Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia all over again! 

Can't wait to play the entire game. I see a very bright future ahead of you

Alright, what is the one last thing? ))

Thanks, brb tomorrow

Probably not (my laptop is a dinosaur, I really need to replace it). You suggest I renew the drivers?

Game has encountered a bug. Please report it.

TypeError: Failed to execute 'getProgramParameter' .. 'WebGLRenderingContent': parameter 1 is not of type 'WebGLProgram'.

Press F5 to restart the game

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Loving the game and the concept, however, when Miranda tries to leave the house, I encounter a bug - the game stops and tells me to report it. Something to do with a certain parameter...

When Dysis meets the red-haired boy for the first time she says "AJEM" at one point. 

(Couldn't make a screenshot at the right moment)

Well, that was definitely intriguing. Looking forward to the entire game. (I think I kind of see where the plot is going, but will be happy to be surprised.) The puzzles so far were easy and engaging, but I hope there'll be a walkthrough, because I'm a complete idiot when it comes to video games.

Will there be a language deciphering puzzle? Pretty please?

(I've noticed that when your characters laugh in the English version, it's spelled "Jajajaja" - the Spanish way. Just pointing out.)

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Just started playing, but this is already giving off some very strong vibes of a certain 1990s film.


The film in question is 'Dark City', of course.


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Hmm... I think I know a certain green-eyed Japanese schoolgirl who would make a great lyricist to go with Lolite's music. XD

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Hmmm... This is very interesting. As someone who loves literature, especially Gothic novels, I find this a very promising attempt - kind of like combining a kinetic novel with literary analysis and history/philosophy lesson?.. I think it's a great edutainment idea and very useful to promote knowledge - I've been considering to maybe make stuff like this for my teaching purposes in the far future.

The only thing is, I would like more choice, I guess (I didn't realise it was a kinetic novel at first, so it's more like my fault). But I guess multiple choices and endings weren't a part of your vision. And yes, it is crazy how well the original text of Le Fanu jives with the modern medium of horror yuri visual novel. LOL

I'm very curious as to what you're going to put out in the future! Subscribed!