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Thanks for playing!

If there's a high enough demand for more Hotline Berzerk content, I may think about it.

Glad to hear you still enjoyed it nevertheless, the game is pretty much intended for Hotline Miami veterans so that's why it's quite difficult :)

Damn, nice find on that exploit though!

Here it is:

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Unfortunately, there is no way to access the music in the files that I am aware of.

However I am putting up a full soundtrack on my channel soon that contains of all the songs found within the game, hope that helps!

You can also check out the soundcloud artists I've linked and they may have some of the music there, they did a great job helping out with the soundtrack!

Nope, and there never will be.

A step backwards or forwards? Who knows.

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The invite's expired, any chance you could repost it?

Apologies, I didn't have enough time to check back

Gotcha, where am I able to find the discord group and where the games got judged?


How long's left until the announcement?

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Cheers for the feedback, fellas!

Unfortunately I haven't got any experience in making any music, by the time the game was almost due I also didn't have any time to add any.

As for the balancing issues I'm quite aware a lot of people have had problems with the difficulty, although the player can gain advantage over the enemies by sneaking behind them and ducking under bullets (Whilst not on a ladder) I feel like I should've made it come across as a bit more obvious.