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Well I made it to the 3D bit.  Couldn't really see what was supposed to be coming for me and the sounds at the end didn't really seem to stop so wasn't sure if that was it.  Otherwise it was interested game mixing different styles and dimensions.

I remember playing a game like this on Android, years ago, where you had to combine earth, fire, air and water to make as many different things as you could.  I found it very addicting then and still do now because I want to find all the different combinations that should work and then the more abstract ones as well.

Nice game.

I had all my cupcakes stolen!  But I wanted one ...

I wasn't able to win any of the minigames, I found controlling the cupcake difficult where it was either too sensitive or moved too quickly when the mini games need precision.  I'm assuming the win condition is for you to get the end with at least 1 cupcake left.  I kept losing.

I liked the concept.  It seems to accurately simulate the requests people make in the food industry.  You've got to know who you can get away with overcharging and who you want to give a better deal.  I found the initial wait time before serving had me wondering if it was working properly though.

That almost sounds like a challenge now, but I'm going through other games for now.  Might have to come back later.

It feels strange to say I enjoyed this game.  The tasks are simple and the style is not what I normally enjoy but it was almost hypnotic with the sounds and the big cow and chicken.

This was pretty fun, I enjoyed the random quotes and once I figured out how to defend myself I made it to 80,000 points.

I tried to play your game, but after starting the game, no cakes spawned.  Health decreased and I could vomit, but no cakes.

I really liked this game.  It was a lot of story, but it was fun, and the game looks really nice.

I had fun delivering the cakes.  Made it to 22 orders.

I liked the art style and the set up for the game.

Thanks for the game.  I liked the comic story intro and the graphics in the game.  I found the platforming a little awkward though.  I did manage to get to the end though.

Thanks for the game.  I liked the comic story intro and the graphics in the game.  I found the platforming a little awkward though.  I did manage to get to the end though.

So do I, just went to have a look as well ...

This was quite fun.  A simple game but between the music and the targets bouncing around it feels pretty addictive.

Thank you.

Thank you for playing and the feedback.  I woukd have liked to add more to the game, but I didn't join the jam until Friday night so everything I planned and made, minus the music which I made before when playing with LMMS and 1 or 2 of the sounds, was made in the last 3 days.

Did you submit something though?  If you get the chance, are you going to finish it?  After my first game jam I found that a big part of the fun was just seeing what everyone else had done and I would be interested to know what you had planned.

I actually managed to finish my game, and got it submitted.  I would have preferred to spend more time on the sound work but I think it's OK, and the game plays.

Congrats on submitting already.  I've still got a bit of work to do, I've had to work over the weekend as well as trying to make a game.

As there's only a little over 12 hours left of the jam, I was wondering how others are getting on.

I've managed to nearly finish my own game for the jam (sound work and a little UI work to do), and I'm happy with what I've been able to do in only 3 days.

I hope everyone is doing ok and I'm looking forward to playing other people's games.

Good Luck! This is my 2nd jam, my first was the jam a month or so ago, really enjoyed it.  This seems to be a short jam so hoping I can make a game in 3 days, well on the way now though.

Thanks and good luck!  I'm only making a 2D game for now.  I've been getting into 3D with other projects I'm working on but taking my time on those.

I'm a new developer who only entered their first jam a few months ago, and this is my second.

I don't expect to make a great game in 3 days but the challenge seems interesting.

Since finding this one, I already have a solid idea on what I'm making and have nearly finished the art for it.

I would be interested to know what other people are up to.

It's going to be a busy few days.

Hello again, I was curious to know how you're getting on?  Have you made a YouTube channel yet?

Over the last few weeks I have been working on new project that I'll eventually upload.  While I've been building it and looking at things, I've decided to upload some playtest footage to show what has been done for it so far, and as this needed me to use a 3rd party host for the video, I've ended up creating a YouTube channel.  Only the 1 video on there for now, but doing it reminded me about your plans.

The project is here:

no worries, keep going and good luck.

No problem, it's my first jam and first published game.

As an exercise for myself a few months ago, I tried to make a game to the rules of another jam and found that I needed to make sure I planned to make a game I could actually make in the timeframe.

For this jam, once I had an idea for a game I thought about what mechanics I would like to implement and tried to make sure the work was something I could actually do.

As I'm generally trying to avoid premade assets, this had to include time for making the art and sound work as well.

If you want a long post, I made a post mortum / story of my experience from zero here

thanks for the response.

I'm only just starting out with making and publishing games.  While there are things I'd like to improve in my game, it's about as much as I can do for now (I've been learning a bit of 3D lately but still a bit clueless on implementing more complex mechanics).

I'm trying to keep to doing as much of the work muself as I can which is why I went for a simpler game, to allow me to do the artwork and most of the sound myself during the jam.

I'm glad you enjoyed looking at it.

I went for the same course.  As I'm wanting to use my own assets and make 3D games this one made the most sense to me for now as I have already been learning blender and making simple models for a few months now.

Thank you for reading.

To be honest, I wasn't sure if it was too long a read, but I wanted to explain where I am now and how I got to this point.  Everyone's story will be different, with different backgrounds and hurdles they've overcome.  If this post can help someone find a bit more confidence, or realise that we all start somewhere, then it was worth making the post.

I think, the first time anyone uploads their game and joins a jam there will always be doubts.  I think the trick is to just do it anyway, yes you have doubts, but you won't move forwards unless you do it.  That's what I did, that seems to be what you did, and I don't regret it.

Following your mention of making a devlog video of your journey through to the jam, I have made a post here about my journey as well if you're interested.

The link is at the start of the thread, it's a long read though.

Thank you for sharing, and congratulations for your game.

With it being my first jam, I was expecting to have a low rated game that barely gets any notice, I could not have been more wrong.  Everyone I have engaged with has been positive and supportive and I'm glad I participated and engaged with the jam.

I would definitely like to see a devlog of your story.  Personally, I don't have the confidence to break into YouTube yet, maybe one day, but not today.  I'm thinking of doing a devlog post on itch though, to keep a record of my experience.

Like you I have really enjoyed participating in the jam, from making the game to playing and rating so many others.

And you're already planning for next year's jam, I wonder if that's how you did so well :P

Thank you.

I would love to play an updated version of your game.  The "Lemon Wizard" will always make me smile.

I was surprised to see my game do so well to be honest.  It was something I made in 8 days using custom artwork and sounds (except the Last Post over the ending card).  When that time is taken away, I only spent 4 days on the code and "making" the game, so I didn't really expect it to do well.

Regarding your last sentence, I saw an interesting video from YouTuber StayAtHomeDev a few weeks ago, one of the key points in the video was that basically if you were watching the video (about game development), and if you are working on making a game, then YOU ARE a game dev.  It kind of hit me while watching it that even though I hadn't published the previous game I made, and even though I haven't made money from it, I am a game developer, and now I have made 2 games to some kind of completion.

Thank you, I think I was lucky with this game jam, between engagement with my game and the community.

I entered the game jam on a whim, not having any real confidence as to how I'd do.  When I noticed other people posting in the forum that it was their first jam, I followed suit not knowing the normal flow of a jam or whether or not people would be responsive to the "I'm new at this" post.

After the ratings went live and I started to get some feedback, which was reassuringly positive, I noticed the option to go through games without ratings.  To me it made sense to focus on those games as there are a lot of people like me doing their first jam, and didn't think it would be fair for my game to get some attention, while others missed out as I had the time to engage with the forum at the start of the week (retail jobs are terrible for weekends, but you get time in the week that others don't).

I really appreciate the engagement I've had in this jam, and the feedback.  I have got the chance to play some interesting games all in various points of completion and some with very interesting concepts.  And I have had the chance to engage with some positive people who all seem to appreciate, not only making their own games, but trying to support others wanting to make games.

I don't know if all game jams are like this one, but as experiences go, this has been a good one to start with.

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This is the end of my first game jam.  It has been a positive and thrilling experience.

I'm curious to know how everyone feels they've done.

Personally, after seeing some of the other games in the jam I was stunned to see the results for my own game.

I'd like to know what you think you did well, and what you plan to do next.

I've had a lot of positive feedback and really appreciate it, but other than making more games or improving on the one I submitted here, I'm not really sure how to move forwards.

Edit - For anybody interested, I have made a devlog post about my experience as a novice Game Developer from wanting to make games through to finishing this game jam.  It is a long read, but explains my journey as well as my experience of this jam (it's not just a wall of text either, there's some screenshots of other projects I've worked on in getting to this point).

Thank you for playing.

It's a story that was different to the normal war stories I've heard and it's stuck with me. When I saw the theme, it just seemed to fit.

It looks like you got most of it, from what I remember of playing such games in an arcade.

The only real difference was in the arcade games you would normally move from cover to cover and go behind cover to dodge enemy fire / reload, and the camera would be a bit more dynamic, looking in different directions as the game progressed.

Thank you. Sound is off by default but can be switched on in main menu.

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I've managed to play 92 games this week. There really are some good games out there. Most of the games I've played had no ratings. This is my first jam, and as I got some feedback early I wanted to get through as many as I could. I won't have the time to play more before the voting deadline though.  I've really enjoyed participating in this jam and it has boosted my confidence in making games.

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A few years ago I looked at Unity, even started trying to make a game while learning, life got in the way and it got put to the side.

Then, when the licencing fiasco broke out, I learned about Godot, started learning again and found Godot more usable.  I also find a good perk to it is that it is open source and hopefully free forever (if I ever make it big I'll probably donate to it, but it's 1 less thing to worry about).

As of this moment, I have played and rated 92 games.   I'm not sure if I will have time to play more over the next couple of days, but if I do, I would like to get to about 112 games (10% of submissions).

I have really enjoyed having a look around the submissions and engaging with the community.

I liked the art style, very reminiscent of GameBoy games.  I think this is the sort of game I can see selling for a smart phone.

It's simple to play, cute graphics, and challenging.  Who eve thought yellow duckies could be so sinister.

Good game.