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What a beautifully heart-wrenching visual novel! Took me for an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish. Cheesy romance done well.

Hello! Thank you SO so much for your extremely comprehensive feedback, we appreciate all the time and effort you put into it! For the glitches: we are aware of the ladder and slides stage having that issue, but it's a little hard for us to pinpoint where the problem points are. Do you recall any specific section where that occurred (like exiting the ladder, etc)? The second glitch is very interesting because we've not seen that before! We'll do our best to find and fix the bug.

We appreciate your suggestions a lot too! There is a quick "How to Play" screen that flashes before every stage as players enter the game, but we see how that can easily be missed. We'll try making it more obvious and/or understandable! For the items' abilities it's been interesting having a mix of people in playtests who either liked knowing what they did beforehand and figuring it out on their own as they played. As for the score indicator, we'll definitely take that into consideration!

There is actually a way to leave the game! There's a pause menu if P is pressed. We'd like to know if pressing P to do so would be intuitive to pause the game because we've been thinking of changing that to ESC or SPACE.

Again, we really appreciate your feedback!! We're glad you like it and we'll continue working on it to give you a better version!

Oh no! Please do give us more details: what doesn't work specifically?

It's really cute! My friends and I had a lot of fun playing this!