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Crazy Bird Lady

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Hi! I haven't made any stairs going sideways yet, but I'll try! Maybe something like this...??? The screenshot is from Concerned Ape's new project/game in development called Haunted Chocolatier. And I'm in love his pixel art!!!

Thanks! I'm gonna have an update for these assets in the next week or so, and doors will be included!

No worries! I'll msg you tomorrow!

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Hey Balloon Cart! I'm working on a space themed game, and I was wondering if you'd be interested in helping me with the pixel art. Is there any way we could talk? Like discord or something?

Oooh, I love your style!

Wonderful! Thanks for my new icon that I'll be using across all my accounts. Great work :)

Nice! love this

Updated! You can just download the png file by itself. Hope you like it :)

I could do that! Coming right up :)

These are great!


These would look nice in an underwater scene. Cool shapes

Nice colors! Love this :)

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awe :)

Thank you :)


Oooh, very nice! Just out of curiosity.. how long did this take you to complete? 

ugh, love it <3

Omg, love these!

love it

Nice work!

Your profile says you are a c# dev. Do you work with Unity?

I love these