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Good stuff. Nice and simple but still fun!

Your content is fantastic. I got the bundle of your sfx & music last year and thought you might be interested in some footage from a trailer I made using your sfx and music.

A very fun game with lots of nostalgic feel. Definitely worth a look at.

Awesome. Looks great. Downloaded, now all I need to do is find some spare time and I'll be playing

This looks amazing. I'll definitely be checking this out when I get back to making 3D games!

Hey, these are some nice tracks. I've used one of these in the trailer for my next game Boing. It's still a work in progress but adding the sound track sounds great.

Hey, hope you are doing well. I found another place for your sound fx in my next game Boing

Very nice.

Sounds very good.

Looks fun

looks cool. I will have to give the demo a try.

Looks like a really nice game. I'll try and have a go sometime soon.

Nice work. Was fun to play and the controls felt really good.

Very nice looking game. Something I'd like to play.  

You'll also recognise the sound fx on the mini teaser trailer for Crazy Tanks

Thanks. This is going to be with me for some time so I'm going to enjoy the process

A place for all things Crazy Tanks

I love your dead planet loop so much I've used it (again) for a prototype of a game I'm starting to look at it. It really sounds great, if you want to see what I've done take a look here. I've done my best to ensure credit is given.

Hey, you're probably bored of hearing from me. I've used some of your FX in another game (well prototype) and they sound great. Crazteroids!

The tracks in this sound awesome. Definitely going to be considering this for my next game

thanks. Glad you like it. I'll be adding new monsters over time maybe weekly if I have time.

Thanks for making these free. I've used the padlock image on my level select screen for my up coming mobile game "Crazy Monster Bash"

Fantastic. Love it!

Looks awesome.

Hey, I just wanted to let you know I've been working on a mobile game using some of the sprites from this pack. I don't have a page for it anywhere but if you want to see what I'm doing with them  do a search on twitter for #crazyinvaderbash. And thanks for making these.

Hey great game. Looks great and is nice and challenging.

Just to clarify I do use a graphics engine (Asphyre PXL for Delphi) so I don't have to code up that side of things and it came with basic Rect collision detection and a game loop but yeah heaps of coding beyond that. Just spent 8 hours coding up a proper menu system so that'll end up in this game initially before I back integrate into my other games.

Thanks for playing. Yeah the art is from my game Crazy Invader ShootEm Down and scaled up 2x so they don't quite look right. The main goal was to reuse the assets I had to create an ultra mini game in a short amount of time that I can use to prototype future tech in my game engine/library.

Love the soundtrack and FX on this. Looks great.

New game coming soon. Crazy Invader Bash.


Hey I enjoyed these tracks. I've made another (ultra) mini game I'm releasing end of the week that uses 3 of these tracks. You can check the game play video here.

Looks really cool. Haven't check it out yet but I will.  :-)

You've done some great work here and your other packages you have. You must be very pleased with them. I'm going to take a look through all that you have to 'level up' my work. I'm sorry that I can't contribute at this point but if I make a little dosh (not expecting to :-( ) I'm sure to fire some back at all sides of contributions that I've used.

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll definitely have a think about those, some were already in the back of my mind as well. Oh and I'll check what I've set for the comments. Cheers.

Hey really loved your FX as I mentioned before. I've used a couple of sounds in my new game, you can check it out here. Cheers and thanks again for these FX.

Hey I really love your sound tracks and loops. I know I mention that already. :-). I've made a new game and I'm using two of your sound tracks - In Darkness & Epic Departure, They really added the ambience I was after. You can take a look here.

Thanks again for making awesome music

If you play my new game Crazy Retro Lander and you enjoy it feel free to offer up any ideas for improvement, I'm up for anything and enjoy  a challenge

Hey great game. The demo plays great and feels really nice. Love the alternate video options.

Hey there. Love your sound FX from here. Meant to say earlier I've used them in my game you can check out the trailer here. I have placed reference to your sound Fx on the itch page and on the credits of the game. Thanks for making some awesome sounds.