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Crazy Cryo

A member registered May 10, 2021

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320 LOL

ohh ok

43,7 XD

Does this game have multi player??

Rug was your game inspired by shell shockers or did u come up with this with some morning breakfast

Now i cant even change the settings

Uhm rug i found a bug i cant use my settings that i have before my key to aim doesnt work anymore, so i think that it went back to right click.

Hey rug i was wondering if i could be a idea helper like thinking of some new ways to improve the game and maybe making new maps

Aww i found the lil secret message on skyway

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Ps if anyone wanna add me on discord my user is Crimzo#8353

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Hello everyone and hello rug :)

Oh i didnt know that thanks for the tip!


As an aot fan i enjoy the odm gear but i wish there was a odm blade and a titan game mode and also please make the odm gear make u go higher, other than that this is amazing keep up the great work!

well could ya fix it

This input is broken

I am so sad rn it took me a week to get all of my items and now when i was afk some jerk wanted to kill me so now all my hard work is gone

So uh hi