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It's been about 30 days and the event still wont come up. Am I doing something wrong? I've been clicking on both my bedroom door and the lobby door and nothing's coming up.

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What are the conditions to unlock Kate's next event? Last one I did is the one where you go for a run and then after she needs to pee. Or is that everything so far?

Wow already? I just wanted to say keep up the amazing work

Is this game dead?

what sluttiness does lin need to be in order to accept the slut outfit? I've currently got her on 50 and she still wont accept it

LOL I checked my downloads again it apparently created the files folder I was talking about and put the aplication seperatly. I can play now

Pretty sure windows 64bit.

I know I opperate windows. I right clicked on my start menu go into system and that tells me that I run 64bit

I downloaded the game but I can't find any application to let me play the game just a folder called files. It's a shame because this looks like it could be good. Does anybody know where I went wrong or where the application in files is?