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Oh that makes sense. 

I could add textures to the characters but it wouldn't look that good if imagine it. I already had the setting when paused the game. 

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It doesn't matter so thank you for stopping by.  :)

I don't really listen to negative comments. I like doing what I love. Have a great day. :)

Dude, no way! This bring me back memories, I truly love this game! Keep up the great work! :D

Pretty cool game!

Freaking awesome art! I love this! Thank you so much for this! :D

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That's weird :/. Is your is 64 bit or 32 bit?

Oh okay.

Of course you can.

Wait what happen? Are you using Window or Mac?

Thanks for playing, I really do appreciate it! :D

I'm learning, this is my first time doing it. I know I may not be a good professional developer but I am trying my best. Thanks for your comments.

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You're very welcome! :) And yes, hopefully it will work the update. 

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Also, I'm going to have to delete the Mac file that are not supported. *Edited* Hold on a second. I'm just going to leave it there, just in case. Once the update is coming up, I will add Mac OS, I sure hope so.

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Oh shoot, that's not good to hear. Man, I can't go back and fix it because I currently working on update. I'm sure the update that are coming up will be supported in Mac. I really hope it's work. Thank you so much for telling me that. Not a lot of people tell me about that, only just a few that Mac not supported. But yeah, I'll try to fix the problem for that.

Oh dang, does it need x64 and not x86_64?

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! :D

Thanks for stopping by :)

I tried doing the mobile but things get complicated. Going to need an expert game dev mobile. Thanks for letting me know about the mobile.

Thanks for stopping by. :)

Thanks so much for playing! :D

Thanks so much! :D

Sure, of course! I will do that. Thanks for suggestions! :D

Thanks! :D Not sure, why it 1GB, but I will take a look. 

You're welcome! :D

Pretty awesome game!

Wait really, is that all? Well, I didn't know that. Thank you! 

No, sorry for inconvenience. :( 

This is a great game! :D

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Hey, don't give up with your game. I know you can do it, I believe in you! :)


Yep, that's right! 

Thanks =)

Thanks! :)

Yes I did, that game was awesome! 

Actually, you’re wrong, when did I say I’m better than everyone else. I did not say I’m better than anyone. I see many people that create game that are better than me. They’re great people out there that can help people of how they get their idea to make game, but with you, no, because you’re disrespectful. Thanks for checking out my game. :) 

Hi, I’m doing okay, not much to do today, I was resting. How’s your day? :D

Thanks :) I’m going to update it soon 

Pretty cool! And thanks :)