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Yep, that's right! 

Thanks =)

Thanks! :)

Yes I did, that game was awesome! 

Actually, you’re wrong, when did I say I’m better than everyone else. I did not say I’m better than anyone. I see many people that create game that are better than me. They’re great people out there that can help people of how they get their idea to make game, but with you, no, because you’re disrespectful. Thanks for checking out my game. :) 

Hi, I’m doing okay, not much to do today, I was resting. How’s your day? :D

Thanks :) I’m going to update it soon 

Pretty cool! And thanks :) 

Woah! :O you’re an artist! I like how you draw the eyes and the hair! 

Hey Baldina, come check out my game, your game is kind of similar to my game. :D

lol nice

It a little complicated because of coding, I decided to make my game easier and simple. And the one you saying about when the teacher get a little faster each time, that’s kind of similar to Baldi basics. I tried to make it unique. 

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Thanks :), you made me feel better because some people seems to hate my game, and it made me feel sad. The game I created took me about 3 or 4 months. I tried so hard to make my game something different. But I appreciate that you support me, I really do, it made my day. :) 




Okay, I respect that. I'll do what I can. 

You beat this game?  That's awesome! And thanks,  I did try to make my game simple.  :D

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Alright, thanks for letting me know, I tried my best. Even though this is my first game that I made to uploaded. 

Thank you so much, I appreciate it :) 

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Thank you! Yes, I’m going to add mouse sensitivity in pause menu. And maybe I’m going to add mouse cursor hidden. 

Pretty awesome! I like it! 

So spooky, but I like it! :)

Pretty cool! I like it! 

Now that’s scary! 

I don’t tag LudumDare 44, I don’t make that, I make School of Nightmare. 

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The game should have mouse cursor, that’s why I made a red cursor.  But sorry for inconvenience. 

Thanks for playing! :) 

You didn’t click the next button 


Pretty cool!

Don’t forget to have fun =)

Thanks so much! =)

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Oh okay, I'll work on that, thanks for letting me know. :) And let me know if there is anything  else that I need to improve that I need to fix.