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Love the art style, reminds me of old anime like Cowboy Bebop, too bad for me I can't really understand the story despite playing through it twice. Don't regret it though!

Fun game!

Loved this.

Loved  this game especially the mini games and the music. The ending scene was a bit of a pain though. Took me about 4-5 tries to be able to finish it.

Interesting game!

Neat game! I just wish that my character moved x3 faster. Nevertheless it was fun!

Thank you! I'm not from the west so It's not practical for me to buy the unit.

Loved it. <3

Such a beautiful game.

Hello. Would it be possible for you to release this on PC?

I finished at 18:57 or at 6:57 PM. Why couldn't my family wait for me? :'(

Love it! I hope this'll be done by 2023. <3

Fun game!

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I didn't expect to like this game as much as I did. Hope that you make more!

I really can't wait for this to be fully released! Been waiting since last year or the year before that I believe.

Referring to the 3rd picture in this page. You sir are heavenly. <3

I really really liked this game.<3

Game is bugged I believe. I can't use the outbox on day 5. Also, I wish that this could be downloaded instead since my net is a bit unstable.

I didn't even know that you could get multiple endings till I read the comments down below. I always get the happy one haha!

Can't figure out the code for the lounge sadly.

The game was creepy but not scary which is good for scaredy cats who love horror like me. <3

Really liked this game. Hope that you make more! After 2 tries I managed to get the good ending, which is weird since I made the same actions as I did with the neutral ending. Maybe it's a bug? Nevertheless I still liked the game.

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Same here. I think that because this is a demo there's no way to save her?

After 2 tries I managed to get the good ending, which is weird since I made the same actions as I did with the neutral ending. Maybe it's a bug?

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Oh wow. The art style here compared to Magical Otoge has improved drastically. I feel so happy for the artists. <3

We're the same. :(

I  love this game so much and I don't know why. I keep on coming back to it. I hope there are more games of this genre/type.

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I really like playing games like these. I hope that you make more!

Short and cute dress up game.

It's the number of times you've launched the game since there is no manual save option.

Hi! I got this error.

Apologies! A fatal error has occurred. Aborting.

Error: no valid storage adapters found.

Stack Trace:





Hi! How can we play the game?

Same here.

Hi! I bought this alongside the Indie bundle. How can I dowload the game?

Hi! I got this error before I was able to save my game.

I love this game. I do wish it was longer.

This game is way too cute. I highly recommend anyone to play this!

Hi! I know how to fiddle around with the status of the game, but in order for me to do so, I have to look up for a released game and click on the released text in order for the games to be filtered out. The release status on the left side of the screen, below the filter results won't normally show that unless you do the steps that I mentioned above. 

For the exclusion tags, while I do appreciate what you mentioned, I think it would be easier if there is a simple and dedicated feature for exclusion tags here on the site. I only mentioned adult/sexual content tags but in actuality, I'd like to filter out multiple tags that I'm not interested in like: Adult, Shooter, FPS & Shoot 'Em Up in one go. 

To put it simply, I'd like the exclusion tags to be more easily accessible here on the site and for the status of games to show up properly in the filter results, instead of the users doing a workaround. 

I believe I'm not alone in wanting a feature like this being implemented on the site.

Hope what I said makes sense!

Good Day!

May I know when the exclusion tags feature will be implemented on the site? I already saw this post:

But if possible, I'd like an easier one and would like to exclude multiple tags. In my case I care little about demos and games with adult/sexual content.

Thank you!

Oh! I wasn't able to find her in town. She was the only character in the party who was new to me.