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Super thankful you've created something that helps us music folk post our songs in a visually appealing way!! Thank you for making this :))

I am having some toruble, when I add my midi and mp3 files, they show up but they're terribly where the notes will be way to the right when they play, instead of how the demo showed they would play upon reaching the center of the screen. I can't seem to figure out how to fix this, any documentation or tutorials I can look at?

Likewise, it was really cool to meet you guys through the jam! You ever want to chat about game development or anything, I'd love to talk with you guys! 

I don't see any kind of DM type messages on itch, so if you want, discord is Crashtroid#1059!

Just came back to congratulate you guys, you made it into the video! I was sitting there eating my sandwich, and I heard him say the words "horse divorce" and I was like YOOO

We really wanna give it the love it needs to become a proper demo of our take on an arena shooter, so hopefully you'll get what you're longing for!
Thanks for the kind words, we're all really glad you're so excited for it's potential!

I love this concept, I thought I could rest easy after finding a good wifi spot and then BAM- it's gone! The art is a fantastic style for a game like this, and I got a good chuckle every time I found some new goofy office shenanigans. Nice work!

Thank you! We wanna give it some love later, so that next time you see someone leave a portal, hopefully it won't be your own reflection! And appreciate the music comments! :)

This is hilarious in concept and really adorable! The visuals are simplistic and really polished, the sound design is really cool (accordion sounds pitching up and down was a fantastic choice) and the gameplay is of a simple puzzle style I haven't seen before!

Top notch entry your team put out, super impressed!!

Thank you, means a lot you like the tunes :)

Yeah, we were really excited about the interesting portal mechanics, but ended up with no time to actually create a gunplay system... You know how jams end up sometimes...

We're hoping to give it some more love come next week with multiplayer and some fun arena shooting, some more visual touch ups to. Thanks for your kind words, looking forward to trying your entry!

hey everyone, I'm a music composer for indie games looking to get in on my first vrchat world!

Ive contributed to plenty (20+) game jams, done osts for steam titles, and more! I've been a big user of vrchat and I really would like to get into making some content for a world! 

If you got a space in your team and are interested in some tunes, send me a message on discord @Crashtroid#1059!

Hi! I'm a composer and voice actor, worked on about 12 jams and a few steam releases, please let me know if you've got a seat on your team! Discord Crashtroid#1059