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ill do it

can there be a english dubbed intro

btw where did you got the game over screen from

the game over is george floyd


i would ike to download

Good to know is the Second mission a time gap,Prequel or alt Universe

Some characters would be Elon musk and Le monke and others

P.s what you think of the video

made a sequl to the share my story adventure

(1 edit)

i would like to make my own verison

edit ive beaten it 

beaten it,very easy and fun 10/10

Ice Age Baby Seqeul  should be in space either in the moon or mars

know what planet to place the sequel of ice age baby in

ive made a game from the source code i know it took long but its released ive gave a new coat of paint feel free to dl i wasnt able to make playable on webgl yet

p.s if theres a seqeul make it in space

i was thinking to replace the pokemon in the cave to a 2d texture of a character what do i need

thanks but what software i need like which unity i have unity 5.5.5 for distance

please have a source code so i can make my own verison of this