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lol i made dis

Haha! I told Goodgis about this glitch. I'll see if we can get this fixed.

Cool bitsy game.

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Hey everyone,

Please report any submissions that appear to break the rules here. 

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Fun stuff! Any chance you could add yellow snow blocks? ;)

I really like the theme and atmosphere of this game! Has a great winter sci-fi vibe to it. The music and art are both nice! It's definitely challenging too. 

I'd maybe scale up the difficulty slowly with each level if you can. Make it harder as it goes on instead of having random spikes of difficulty.

Good job. ;)

Lol thanks! Yeah, I'll probably add more objects in to make the areas more unique. Definitely planning more enemies!

***DISCLAIMER: This Has Pixel Art Blood. You Have Been Warned***

Yep. XD

Nice pinecone! :D

:) Can't wait to play this!

Nice work! I got to the autumn area I think?

Cool game! Like the vibes of this one.

Only trouble I had was saving checkpoints...

Cool mechanics! Really neat game. 

Glad you were able to get it uploaded! 

Cool stuff! Thank u for the Tux build too.

Good stuff. Very N64/PS1-esque. You did a great job on Music and SFX too.

Uh, cool game Goodgis. Very polished and has nice graphics. I got all characters except the elf.

Yeah, great job guys! Really cool stuff all around.

Thanks dude! Thx for playing. I'll add more stuff when I can.

I shall indeedly check out your Orange Cylinder game when I get a chance too (great job btw)!

Updates are fine I think!

Thanks! :)

I haven't played your game yet,  but I love the environment and mushroom characters. What was your inspiration there?

"mostly happy fun games"

Uh. Wait until you see mine. :D

Very cool (literally)!

Very cool! :D

I'll share with our Discord channel!

It's not so bad, especially if you have some experience modelling 3D

:D Perhaps the best Unity? 

Oh, cool. First time I've heard of it I think. Looks like it supports Typescript. Sweet!

Looks great. Can't wait to try it out

Noice! :D

Did you make the leaf catching game? That was cool. Web unity games are sweet too

Good luck! :)

What's it like?

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Cool sprites

Definitely wanna check out Krita