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Any chance for versions of the zines with less image compression? I assume they would be a bit larger but definitely worth it! In any case.. thanks for creating this, and making it available on itch as well!

Just noticed that the print version uses "Myung's Misstep" as a location, rather than "Mora's Misstep" used in the pdf.  Not that it's super important but I'm curious why the difference. :D

Hey! This seems quite interesting. Any chance you can enable card / Stripe payments? Thanks!

This looks great! Any chance for you to enable card payments?

Works! Thanks you!

Hi! Any chance card payments could be enabled? Thanks!

This looks great and you should definitely make it at least "pay what you want". Also, I am no editor but here are some typos I found and some commas suggestions (hope you don't mind):


- since the palace was build -> built


- It's vast crystal doors -> Its

- Palace is made -> The palace

- The palace is created it's played -> as it's(?)


- sections it's made up of -> made of

characters cannot see disappear -> see, disappear


- used as tour guides by the place -> palace(?)


- are the champions now at which point -> now, at which

- balance withing the Fractal Place -> Palace(?)

Thanks for this!

Thanks! It works now.

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This looks very interesting. Any chance you can enable card payments?

This looks amazing! Any chance for a MacOS port in the future? In any case.. congratulations for being able to make this!

Hi! Any chance you can enable Stripe payments? PayPal payments don't seem to work for me on this page.

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This is really good. I really couldn't put it "down".
Is there a plan for a "dead trees" edition?

Aaaand.. here are some typos I found along the way:
cover1: For use in Trioka! -> Troika!
p6: your childrens’ waning interest -> children's
p15: Awarness -> Awareness
p42: in a moldy obuillete. -> oubliette
p43: artillery veterans dicussing -> discussing