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lets go new world record!!!


This is the video explaining how I achieved the world record in this game and some bus that I found that made some of the levels trivial.

I'm making a video about the run and posting it here soon explaining this run

I think it's better to not patch it because there is a level in which there is a very fun strategy that uses this glitch, video about this coming soon

Still your run is pretty impressive(:

Wow this was a god run I'm so happy try to beat it!

The final 10 second barrier is now broken

I got the world record in Fish Hook!!! Full Game completion in 1: 34. 20. I want to see if anyone can beat that.

There's a glitch in the game where if you die and spam the space bar you glitch into a wall

Sorry but I got a 1 42 50 so for now I have the wr