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Thank you! We all had a fun time making it as well

Maybe one day we'll do that! 

Read the description of each person, and choose whether they should go to hell (swipe left) or go to heaven (swipe right).  God/Satan will let you know if you did the right thing. Try and make sure you don't fill up one of the queues!

Crystals don't actually do anything, and they don't cost anything. You can click on them as much as you like, you aren't going to lose any money

Since it was a Ludum Dare game, it probably won't be. But I'll definitely be participating in the next LD as well, so there'll be another game up at the end of November

Will try porting to HTML5/WebGL, hopefully that'll make it playable for you!

We would like to, but currently don't have a mac to build it. Sorry!

Here you go