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Where do I find out what CG's are in the game though? I haven't seen it in the guide and can't find anything on the internet. With Shuu, for example, I finished his route but am still missing lots of CG's and don't know how what CG I am missing. Plus it was confusing because I thought every single costume creates a roleplaying scene, but it seems like there's only specific costumes for specific characters - Maid for Toru, Doctor for Shuu, Dog for Shiba, and Gakuren for Tocchan, but I'm wondering if there's more costume roleplays than just one in each route. It would be nice if there was a guide for how to get each CG though. Don't you know when the game developers might make one? Or is it already out somewhere? Thank you. 

I know this is old, but if you see this and can still change it, could you add tips on roleplaying and explain how the costumes work for every character? thanks. 

I'm new to this and I haven't seen this explained very well, so I don't understand the roleplay thing. I tried to make Shiba wear a doctor costume but nothing was happening. Do I need to make him wear a specific costume with specific requirements? If so, I would love to know which costume I should make him wear and how to create a roleplaying scene if Shiba is dominant/top and my character Haato is a bottom/sub. In case you know this, I would also appreciate to know how to trigger all the other guys' costume scenes with them being on top.