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THIS IS SO COOL! You got to continue this. You deserve more attention.

It sometimes works and then sometimes doesnt load in. 

So Anchor Rage there are merchants. Each time you go there you can deconstruct the items there. I have a camp nearby and whenever I load back in the materials load back in as well. I literally have infinite items. 

Ok I kinda didnt want to release this because I was making bank but I will. You can go to the merchants and constantly farm the merchant items there like deconstructing them. Infinite materials there. I dont know if its just me though.

Nice update. Can't wait for new missions! I'll let you know if I find another game breaking bug :).

Nice well I  have 100 intelligence now so :3

So this is a glitch or a bug or something else. It literally breaks the game. Its how I have over 100 intelligence after less than 10 mins. Now I will explain this game breaking bug/glitch/something else. The way I did it is I had enough for a wagon. I made a wagon and then deconstructed it. I still got intelligence and then as I continued destroying and building a wagon I got a ton of intelligence points which lead to level ups of intelligence. I continued that and now I have over 100 intelligence. I think this should be fixed I might find more bugs with this like medkit spamming but that isn't as game breaking as this intelligence spam/glitch?

Also take your time with this one. When will there be more missions. I know there are probably a lot of things you are working on, but im here and supporting you :)

GREAT JOB. Been playing for a while now. Was on the edge of my seat for this new update. 

That would be great thanks! :)


Does this have something to do with building points or town points since I have like 12 beds and only 10 are filled. 

Sometimes my followers randomly just disappear and then reappear obstructing walls.

Thanks that was what I was looking for. :)

When i'm on a journey how can I get extra water because I always pass out or have to return back to my home. Can someone tell me how to extend the amount of water when im travelling, does it have something to do with the camping tent?

T doesn't work? Sacrificed people stay alive? Like the game lots of bugs pls fix people will like the game :)

Cool game. Bug sometimes new people get stuck in the river pls fix.