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hi, sorry to bother with this, but  can you upload this to workupload? mega's download limit is 10 mb less then the file size

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where can i find the training robe?

p.s: got it

The second stage (the blue haired girl) is impossible on the android version due to not being able to jump back after seducing the first man.

Is this game capable of running on JOIPlay app on android? 

Does the android versions not contain the events?

Is there any emulator for this game on android?

Is this in any way compatible with joiplay on android?

Take your time. But please post a word or two sometimes.

Are you still continuing the game? Haven't heard anything for 3 months now.

Tried that. It stopped. Didn't load the battle. Had to close chrome. Maybe my phone specs aren’t good enough. 

The android app crashes on the first battle (free blowjob scene). I am using a old phone (samsung galaxy e7) though.

How do I even get Maggie to advance from level 4? I tried everything.

Did you figure it out?

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Can you please make the image folders unified? It totally clutters my phone's gallery. There are 100+ folders. Is it possible to change them into one big folder?

How do you get the romance scene with Prisclla? I have been trying to do that but it never happens.

How did ypu get past maggie level 4 corruption?

The 3rd challenge is impossible. I play on android and its just not possible to tap the middle of the screen and see the shurikens at the same time. It just sucked the fun out of the game.