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Awesome name.  :)

Snippet from GOG user makr3la:

Just played your game and it's great and very addictive.

Review from GOG user Tasco DLX:

I really liked how you kept the gameplay challenging without making it brutal. Some of those games are comically impossible, which means I'm fed up with them in less than a minute -- it's a Flappy Bird thing, I know, but I tend to like games where I have a fighting chance to survive for more than 10 seconds. Graphics are simple and straightforward, which is good for a game focused on gameplay. You could have done a little something else to vary the difficulty, but it did keep with the spirit of Flappy Bird, which itself is very simple. Also, I really liked the music. It's great atmosphere and didn't ever get annoying after a long while. 8.5/10

I rate this game solely based on the cover art.  That. . . is an awesome rendition of Sonic.