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Yes, precisely.

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This looks great, and I'm so glad you also made an Android version!

However the apk fails to install - I get the error:

INSTALL_FAILED_VERIFICATION_FAILURE: Install not allowed for file:///data/app/vmdl833988403.tmp

Any ideas?

Pixel 7 Pro here (64 bits), A14

Edit: fixed it. Play Protect was kicking in.

Haha that's a great idea! I do still have my collection on my NAS, so I'm going to try it with that.

You should incorporate a visualizer with the crt filters (amazing job there, btw) 馃榿

Oh don't get me wrong, I like it too! It's just that I don't  have the time to maintain my collection nowadays...  But I'll be trying the player, definitely. 

That makes me nostalgic about the days I used to have tons of music offline, categorized like that...

Looking awesome!!!

Just run the py under Windows? Assuming python is installed, of course

Gotta love that loading screen :D

Damn this would be a lovely mobile game...

Heeehe so cute! Love those rick dangerous spikes :)

That reminded me of the ST 3D Construction Kit :) Great stuff!

Sooo lovely!

Whoa. Seriously impressed. Imagine if the engine could be used with other machine specs (palette, resolution)!

Wow this looks so lovely

Looking forward!

This looks so lovingly retro!!! Thanks for sharing :)

This is just awesome, looking forward to updates!

There's no Atari Mode without the tune :D

I did, still can't believe it馃槃

Seriously? All this gameplay in ten lines?!?

Looks really lovely and the tune is great too! Am I too old or is it too fast??

Oh yes, I do understand that. My comment was more in the "Friday should be Pizza day" or "my boss should give me a raise" spirit :D

This should be merged into the official version...

Yup it works! Or at least for the five seconds it took my wife to look at me menacingly because she was in a video call :D

Actually I had managed to mangle the unzipping process and was running an older version...

Hmmm let me check right after this webinar :D

Hm, I don't have any music? :D

Oh, definitely playing it, just not as much as I'd love to... Looks very polished!

This looks so sweet! Wish I had time to play it, damn!