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No worries! 

i may have broke it...

hoping for a larger version! 


A very enjoyable bite-sized horror game. (No pun intended)

This is a MUST DOWNLOAD my dudes... 10/10. I cannot wait until the full release! 

We got the ending! (well 2 of them 😅) 

we got the ending! 

Always love your throwback to the 90's cartoons! Can't wait for another! 

Had a lot of fun with this! Love the throwback to the old 90's cartoons! 

Solved the puzzle! Thanks for the amazing game! :) 

Oh my goodness you are a live saver! I've been trying to interact with the boxes with E and finally figured it out... you are my savior! 

How'd you solve the coat thing? D:

Here's part 2:

I think I might be doing something wrong, cause I feel like I've checked everywhere haha

Thank ya! Btw do you have any tips for finding the key in the living room? I've checked all the coats I can find but can't figure it out :(

Loved what I've played so far! Can't wait to continue in part 2! 

Sweet thanks! I'm just uploading my gameplay video experience now. I got stuck, but after reading the guide you posted, I can now progress! I'll definitely be making a part 2, absolutely love the aesthetic of the game (:

Is anything different in 1.5 vs. 1.4?

Just downloaded v1.4 from chrome with no issues on my end.

Played through one of the older versions of the initial game, hoping to review the Steam version soon! 

Here's a walkthrough if you get lost! 

10/10 would poop pants again

10/10 would poop pants again

10/10 Would poop pants again.