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Thank you! This is very heart warming 🥰

Thank you so much for your kind words and great feedback! <3

It's very hard to calibrate the difficulty of the first levels without looking at people play the game for the first time, since when I make them I'm already very used to the controls, and know what I'm supposed to do... I'll keep that in mind for future games: either make the start very easy, or get human feedback on it.

I don't know what kind of bombs you are referring to, all of them have feedback and particles. Though the bomber might be a bit misleading because the bombs explode when the red circle disappears, which you might pay less attention to since there are many things going on.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Actually, it is procedurally generated, but not by me. Check out this incredible generator:

I'm glad you managed to fix it! Enjoy the game ;)

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Thanks for trying the game!

The dataclasses module is part of the standard library in python 3.7 and above. I do not think that the game can run with lower version of Python, but you can try to install it with pip install dataclasses. Otherwise, you can download and run the executable directly, it should work out of the box.

Also they might just create an account for the event, they will be able to display the game on their page and start their public collection of cool games. 

But indeed, if they really don't want to create one, providing their discord ID will be enough.

Thanks for the enlightenment!

Wow merci beaucoup @WizzardDev, ça fait plaisir de te lire !

Most graphics are from Paper Pixels in case you are interested for your own games ;)

GG for your french !

Thanks !

I literally made the polish first, and made the game look good even before the player could move. I love what looks good and that motivated me to add the rest !

Thank you so much !

I strongly believe that for a game to work, its idea must be very simple, just a few words. Then a nice and coherent game will grow organically from that sentence.

Thank you very much ! The skill tree is the main reason why I built this game, Without time constraints i would have made it so much bigger, probably to the point where it doesn't fit in one screen.

Making a game because you want to play it is often a good guide, but you can be deceived in the end because what you made doesn't match your dream. This game doesn't yet, but has the potential, so I will work on it until it does ;)