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I see, i tested my game killing every enemy included the bosses and the game dont show problems, i never tried the speedrun way and maybe this make the issue. Thanks so much for bought the game, let me know if u can finish it 100% and can watch the ending without problems, cheers..Jorge

I just curious..u bought the game or u got it free? dont notify to me u bought the game here, anyways i want to help u!! :)

Hi Gregoaaa!! First thanks for feel interesting in my game, second i will try help by all the ways if u having problems with the game, when u fight with Nosferatu u need kill him, he burn in flames, after that u need go to the door far away in the oposite side of the room and go out, then the final movie with the credits will start

Incredible work!! Congratulations!!

Yeahhh!! Look funny!!