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This really is a great game.. I feel the boss fights could do with a little extra to change them up a bit and think if the dev put a bit more into them, this could be a real diamond in the ruff.. But the game is solid and has a really nice GFX style to it with a solid story too.  Well worth a look. 

You can't beet those ideas that just pop in your head ! ;)     I look forward to trying in a few days..

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Yeah Kersparsky deletes the main file too !! What's in the main file Dev ?  Gutted as it  looks an amazing game ! But after having my pc hacked a few months back I'm always careful of any waring by AV etc..

I ain't played an RPG for years, but a friend said to try this - and so glad he did, I really enjoyed it !!

I just played this for first time today, And I have to say once I got past realising products had to go in certain areas, I loved it. The Psycho manager coming to fire you and the crazy customers.. It a bit hard at first, but once you get into it - it becomes a great game of cat and mouse with a touch of skill added to it.. Its one of those games  that if you put dome effort in you get rewarded !!  

Tried this on a friends pc today and realised how much time can be saved etc..  You have done so many great tools etc for GMS ..  And this is a must..  Keep up the amazing work you do

Totally AGREE !! And thanks Dev for putting it in the bundle !!

First let me say THANK YOU!! for putting it in the Racial Justice and Equality bundle, and after reading a bit and seeing the trailer - I'm really looking forward to this ..  What you said about your granddad - really hit home, my granddad - exactly the same after a war he was in.. It's one thing I hope becomes a thing of history and  people stop having them!

Great Tool that I found in the Racial Justice and Equality..  Many thanks for putting in bundle.. I really happy with what Ive seen so far of this.

Many thanks for this ! Going to be trying it out over the weekend !!  Keep up the amazing work.