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Hmm, didn't know this was the recipe for 10k. Seems pretty easy, I'll go and do that.

Yes, it was.

Not quite impossible. That can be a tricky combination without enough luck/hollow/heavy dice, but you can always tank the damage (unless you're low on hp).

Bosses are pretty easy if you know what you're doing imo. What about the boss are you having trouble with?

Honey dice will place honey/royal jelly on all tiles X away from the honey die (where X is the face of the honey die, kind of like boost dice). If a space the honey die targets is a crown marked space, dice on that space get their value multiplied by 2. If a space a honey die targets isn't a crown marked space, dice on the targeted space have their value divided by two.

We had a good run while it lasted... elite flies hit hard on stage 8. Tbh I'm a bit embarrassed that the hollow block die wasn't handcrafted (if I had a normal block die and then made it hollow, it would have gone up to 6 instead of 4). Still, had a while to go before my deck was fully decked out.

There's already 9 dice properties in the demo.

"Beat" the game in about 2 days. Can't wait for stage 3!

Finally got all the endless mode dice modifiers (again). Now I can finally start playing the game

Block. Tbh, block is probably the better growternal die for that reason. Also pretty OP against evil frog.

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The damage enemies deal is indeed a range. Before modifiers (such as endless mode), a plain square (of any color) is 1-2, a silver one is 3-5, a gold one is 6-10, and a really big gold one is 11+ . Each enemy has a range of damage, for example a regular fly deals 1-3 damage, so if it shows a silver you know it rolled a 3.

The game used to not even show these dice indicators, imo they made the game a little too easy.

Right after reading your comment I managed to get a grow eternal by floor 2

It's your RNG.

Ah, so the backpack WAS a Backpack Hero reference.

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Finally! All (non-demo) talents have been picked! Now to focus on demonics. Nothing new since last time, except that I got demonic Dragon Claws. 15/23 demonics! (I got 100% monsters long ago, not like it's difficult or anything)

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On my quest to 100% the game, somehow made it to the forest of NOOOOO. Was doing a Wilhelm tun and had just got Azrael's Final Form for the first time. All that's left to do on my 100%ing checklist:

Get Samael's Final Form

Get demonics for:

Steel Blade

Ruby Shield

Dragon Claws

Icicle Spear

Expanding Crystal

Cooling Gloves

Cleansing Amulet

Grand Lich's Rib Cage

Grand Lich's Hands


Also, a few things I noticed:

Why does the demonic for Thor's Hammer say Thor's Demonic Hammer, when (for example) the demonic for Ampere's Gauntlets says Demonic Ampere's Gauntlets? Not sure if this shows up anywhere else, just an inconsistency I noticed.

Also, there's a grammar mistake in the description for floaties. It should either say "have drowned" or just "drown" instead of "drowned" at the very end.

True, but at times these spike-lands can be just as annoying as actual spikes, usually by getting in the way of a high-speed portal flip combo. The area is also a bit too small to be easily exploitable, though I suppose with enough practice one could use this to jump across alternating blocks of spikes...

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Great game! They're very different games, but this definitely gives me Celeste vibes. Fun little puzzle game, liked having to work things out as I went. After restarting a few times because I had missed some berries, I started to get a feel for the levels. Doubt I can make it much further than the mines on permadeath though. Permadeath is brutal. Not only do you have to avoid dying, but you also need to make sure you don't do things out of sequence. If you use up a bouncer or the teleporter and can't reach the entrance, you're done for. At least you don't have to collect the berries (assuming you got them all beforehand).

I believe this is the standard pico-8 control scheme.

Crossbow + More bullets per shot + Damage + Freeze

Nice game! The concept is great. The game itself could use a bit of polish and explanation, as well as a fix to a softlock or two, but I know you're busy with IWD.

Good job on Nyx btw.

Oh, also hi :)

Nice! Only died on the last level (twice), kind of nice that the feet showed me the way even after I had "lost". Now to go back to read all the red text in earlier levels...

The whole "Franticly trying not to die" aspect helps does a nice job covering up the gameplay loop and occasional bug.

All things considered, pretty good for 3 hours!

Oh and hi Dard. Yes, I'm 'that' cowthecow.

Great game! Took me a while to work out the strategy for 3-9. Once I got to 3-10, it didn't take me very long to work out how to win. It took me significantly longer to actually win. Pretty ragey at times, I can't believe this was made in 3 days. 3-8 is probably my favorite level/

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Lol same, level 5 and 108 kills or smthn

Ooh, I never though of using ethereal to get around the hourglass/bombstone. Good idea!

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Got the skull ring thing, gold whetstoned a club, and proceeded to stuff my inventory with manastones. Died on floor 13. Why can I never find a black manastone when I need one?

That's the game's control scheme.

Does item quality affect trinkets, equipment, or both?

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All you really need is gungeon gun and decent dashing skill. Hp is also nice.

Ofc there are many, many other ways to complete the fight, this is just how I usually do it.

Gives me self vibes. Great game!

Great game! Def a bit tricky to get the hang of but really satisfying after that! Like pretty much everyone else here, I'd love to see a longer game made out of this. Boss fights could be awesome with this kind of mechanic. You could also possibly add something where you have to light certain things to open doors or something.

There's a bug where it doesn't show how many times you've killed dark fire.

Also: finally got just stats and all 3 demonic boots! No idea how I got just stats tho, said slash wasn't an option even tho I didn't have it and had well over 150 contact dmg. Is there an enemy or effect that decreases contact dmg temporarily?

Now all I have to do is get every demonic item... 

(I have 7/23)

Also turns out powerups (at least the main three) are additive, not multiplicative.

And lastly (yes, I know I talk too much but I think I have lots of interesting things to say), a fun fact! 31 of the 113 talents are dual-types! The most common type in a dual-type was neutral, in 17 of those 31 dual types! The most common dual-type was neutral-fire, with 6 occurrences! I was going to find the most common dual-type that does not contain neutral, but a bunch were tied with 2. 6 of the 11 epic talents are dual-types!

And actually lastly (I lied last time), there are 5 quest talents, 2 of which are dual-types.

If anyone realizes I've made a mistake, tell me! (Or don't if you want me to stop commenting lol)


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If I were to describe this to a random person I would probably say "You play as the Lorax but you can possess people". Great game, the concept and the art are both awesome. Can't wait to see more of it!

Only issue I found was in stage 3, on the right side portion of the two switches you have to flip to progress. In the area with the red guard and two purple guards (the one with the door you have to open), if you possess the red guard and kill BOTH the purple guards, you get softlocked (or almost softlocked, with insane reflexes it's probably possible) on your way back when you have to pass through the area you can't avoid the detection of the red guard, and you can't run or hide either.

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Lol I've made 13 out of the last 15 comments (14 out of 16 counting this one). Just noticed. Probably not gonna stop lol.

UPDATE: did just delete one tho.

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I got 3 legendaries from one chest... Even with Santa Claws I'm probably going to die from Furcifer's mood, but still no regrets.

Also... lighting shrooms can teleport when sleeping.

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Wow, it's a freaking machine gun (even more so than the gungeon gun) of lag.

Also: I got just one thing to say:

Thermite: Burn stacks.

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A nice solution would be to make Furcifer get angry if you don't pick an item, or maybe force you to pick an item if you pray (this way no item=no heal). Not sure what would work best.

Oh good, you don't have to choose one anymore (again).

To shoot a bunch of tiny things? Ooh, good idea. I've mostly been using a slight bug exploit to constantly attack, but for that spell it would go through the full charge up before firing, so your way is probably better. Would likely generate a bunch of lag tho.