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That was quick! (in regards to android support). I purchased it and am excited to move from Google Play Services to GameSparks to release on more platforms!

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Great! I can't wait for android support, I don't have the HTML5 module quite yet. Are you also planning on making a C++ .dll for desktop cross-play also?

P.S. When you add more features/out of beta you should increase your price to probably $35 or $40 at least. GMS is kinda weak with multiplayer and the best solutions cost $40, $99, and $150 - and gamesparks can target all platforms where the best these others do is 1 or 2 platforms per extension. Hope I don't end up screwing myself but I think you are def undervaluing your work. :)

I've been waiting for this! So excited, however your extension on GMS Marketplace gives a 404 error which is how I prefer to buy extensions... I'll get it on itch if it's not something you can fix on your end. 

Keep it up!