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Bro i had a lot of fun playing this shit, the soundtrack a dope asf too. It really is a great game if you start making yourself laugh playing it.

Dude the sound production makes this game a trillion times scarier to the thunders, plates that i drop and my flat feet hitting the floor. But what i wanna know is can the vacuum monster teleport?

Its a really scary game if you think about whats really happening, well to me. 

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The game is slow at the start but it really gets interesting after a few minutes of playing, i felt bad when i decided to break-up with her at the end tho :(

This game fun ngl, it was scary but  you fall in love with Saiko-chan

It hit the feels man

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This game cost me an ass wooping 

For a 2D game this shit creepy asf

This was a pain in the ass to play, but i still got granny out the cut