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okay thanks

i cant find his second hiding spot like after clicking on hi 

i read the comments but now the clay figure is to heavy

how do i make the clay flat?

in the mouse mission im almost done but i can only make the snowman but idk how to make the clay flat

i dont understand

so far i only got ending 2 and 6

how did you convince casper also i can never get ethan and the girl in on game bc they always fight 

my jar of clouds disapeard

me neither i think its a bug and its suposed to be the fireflies

how do i report the stuff


whenever i get to an certain point the game just crashes 

its imposible to build enough rails before the wood is enoug like

loved this game

i cant download it but it seems so funn

how do you start the game

this game would be even more fun if you could adjust the playtime in settings or at the start for a longer or less stressfull expiernce

it worked i finished the whole story im glad i  did 

thx i will try that

is it posibly that my srceen wont load

how do i download this bc my browser doesnt suport 

i cant download it ? 

idk how to download it

i will try 

ah that sucks i tried all things but atleast i got to enjoy youre other games keep up the good work 

vv disapointed that it has eror java code i would love to play it 

i still cant seem to get past the first scene i cant walk

i will try on chrome thanks

i got all endingss

what is the suitcase code i dont mind needed spoilers 

Error: Script error. (see JavaScript console for details)?

it wont let me play 

its not workiing 

that esculated

i cant play the game at all? it wont let me?