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this game would be even more fun if you could adjust the playtime in settings or at the start for a longer or less stressfull expiernce

it worked i finished the whole story im glad i  did 

thx i will try that

is it posibly that my srceen wont load

how do i download this bc my browser doesnt suport 

i cant download it ? 

idk how to download it

i will try 

ah that sucks i tried all things but atleast i got to enjoy youre other games keep up the good work 

vv disapointed that it has eror java code i would love to play it 

i still cant seem to get past the first scene i cant walk

i will try on chrome thanks

i got all endingss

what is the suitcase code i dont mind needed spoilers 

Error: Script error. (see JavaScript console for details)?

it wont let me play 

its not workiing 

that esculated

i cant play the game at all? it wont let me?