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I really liked it however i feel like the difficulty could be tweaked a bit (granted this is me after only playing on easy mode, will make another comment after normal.) as i found red tie to be way harder than the fight rush soon after

I found the puzzle to be a bit too hard and could be tweaked because while you do get a rough idea of the notes its generally within a 1 note range of the actual solution. And this section get's tedious as you have to move back and forth to hear the melody

I do belive in the full game there should be more puzzles like this (Not puzzles in this format just more like it)

Another thing that should be in the full game is better settings, sound levels, 3 modes of difficulty and more.

And if there is a deeper story it definetly shouldn't be totally driven by a lost arm

But overall for all this nitpicking it really was a great experience and i am wanting to see how it'll grow

What are you talking about as far as i can tell this doesn't seem to happen